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Things To Do In Kakinada

Planning A Trip To Kakinada? Here's our list of top things to do in Kakinada

We all look forward to visiting places with our family, friends, and dear ones where we can spend a peaceful time. Traveling gives us unique and amazing experiences and if the place of visit is not only historic but also filled with amazing landscapes, the trip becomes a memorable one. With astounding temples, sublime beaches, amazing wildlife sanctuary, and lots of delicious food, a trip to Kakinada will bind you in diverse experiences. The place has become increasingly popular amongst tourists for all the things that we listed above. Let us take a quick tour of some of the best things to do during your Kakinada trip.

Take a Holy Trip to the Temples

Take a Holy Trip to the Temples:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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Irrespective of how modern we become and any place that we visit, the first thing that we Indians prefer doing is to take a holy trip to some of the popular temples in and around the region. Andhra Pradesh is one such tourist destination that has numerous, countless temples with high religious significance. In Kakinada too, the first thing that we recommend is to visit the temples. Some of the most notables once in and around Kakinada include Samarlakota, Draksharamam, Kukkuteswara Temple, Sri Someshwara Temple, Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple, and Sri Ksheera Rama Temple.

Explore the Adurru Exacation Site

Explore the Adurru Exacation Site:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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The next thing to do in Kakinada is exploring the Adurru Exacation Site which is in a small village named Adurru. It's considered a second-century Buddhist archeology site towards the east Godavari district in Andhra. It was first excavated during the British rule in India around 1925. But later, after independence in 1955, it was enlisted in the protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. It's a nice place for history lovers and those who enjoy exploring such sites. You can take selfies, group photographs, and take a walk in the ruins as the site is spread in a huge area. Although not well maintained, it will take a good couple of hours to explore the site to its fullest.

Get mesmerized by the Beauty of Uppada Beach

Get mesmerized by the Beauty of Uppada Beach:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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One of the top things to do in Kakinada is to take a long walk on the surreal Uppada Beach located at just half an hour's drive from the city. The beach is famous for its longshore, silver sand, crystal clear water, golden sun, cool breeze, and the sweet sound of the waves. It falls under the category of one of the cleanest beaches in India. The best thing you'll like about this beach is the mesmerizing view of the sunrise and sunset. What you can do at the beach? Well, walk in the knee-deep water holding hands of your loved when the sun is setting, watch the waves hit the shore and make a sweet sound. Paly cricket, football, jog, and enthusiasts can try trekking nearby.

Experience the backwaters of Kakinada

Experience the backwaters of Kakinada:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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Kakinada has the second-largest mangrove reserves in India within the proximity of the famous Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. It's an exquisite place for people who love wildlife, bird watching and taking photographs of some of the endangered species. Also, this sanctuary is home to thousands of pelicans, herons, seagulls, otters, saltwater crocodiles, jackals, and other migratory birds. The pathway that leads to the sanctuary is a wooden bridge, surrounded by greenery all around. So it's fun and exciting at the same time. You'll enjoy the trip walking on the wooden bridge in the deep forest by the sea-side. Visitors can take joy in boating and fishing in the lake.

Take a One Day Trip to Yanam

Take a One Day Trip to Yanam:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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Yanam is one of the finest places in the India Union Territory of Pondicherry. It's located at a distance of 30 km from Kakinada. So an hour's drive will help you reach Yanam easily. Yanam is a beautiful place with numerous places of interest. To name a few, the Grand Mosque, Sivalayam, Catholic Church, Venkanna Babu Temple, Yanam Beach are the most notable places to visit. To attract more tourists, the government of Pondicherry has constructed a replica of the world-famous, Eiffel tower. Many visitors who travel to Kakinada take a day's trip to Yanam and explore as much as they can in a day before returning to Kakinada. The perfect time to visit Yanam is, of course, post-monsoon, which is the winter season.

Spend an Evening at the Amusing Vivekanand Park

Spend an Evening at the Amusing Vivekanand Park:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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One of the most fun-filled parks, especially for children, is located at the heart of the Kakinada city known by the name, Vivekananda Park. Although the park isn't that big, it's well-maintained by the local municipal corporation. People enjoy a walking trail around the small lake in the area. An open gym in the park for men and women attracts many locals in the evening and you'll find them jog and spend time with their family. One can experience a lot of positive energy around the area as it offers a good view of the lake, children playing and having a good time. So overall, a fun place to spend your evening maybe just a day before you end your trip in Kakinada.

Enjoy Popular Sites at Rajahmundry

Enjoy Popular Sites at Rajahmundry:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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Rajahmundry is a top tourist destination located at a close distance of 60 km from Kakinada. The place has several places to explore and you'll enjoy your time in Rajahmundry. Usually, a day's trip to Rajahmundry is good enough to explore the best places which include the Godavari Bridge and Dowleswaram Barrage. These two places are a remarkable display of modern architectural wonder in Andhra. Several tourists travel for an hour and a half to reach Rajahmundry from Kakinada simply to admire these sites as they are also popular film shooting spots for the Tollywood Film Industry. A day especially the evening will be well spent.

Shop At

Shop At:  Things To Do In Kakinada
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One of the last things to do in Kakinada or anywhere is filling our bags with some local items as a reminiscence. Kakinada is well developed and advanced when it comes to shopping. There are several malls in the city where you can purchase any branded items ranging from clothes to other home items. But the real fun is to shop at the local markets. Learn more about the places from the local residents and visit those places. South Indian silk sarees, jewelry, wall designs, curtains, home decors and almost anything that you'll love to carry along to your home are available at these markets. So happy shopping!

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