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Things To Do In Tirumala

Planning A Trip To Tirumala? Here's our list of top things to do in Tirumala

Tirumala is one of India's most decorated tourist destinations. A place not that far away from Chennai, Tirumala is your perfect tourist destinations to spend a wonderful weekend. It's well known for the most iconic temple in India, Tirupati Balaji or the Swamy Venkateshwara. This temple is a dedication to Lord Vishnu and millions come here to pay a visit to this temple. The place is filled with several temples but that's not the only thing about the place, there are several other things that you can do here. Wondering what? Let us walk you through to some of the best things to do in Tirumala.

Pay Homage to the Gods

Pay Homage to the Gods:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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The city of Tirumala is known to have numerous temples. But the most famous of them all is the Tirupati Balaji Temple located in the heart of the city. It is the most revered temple in India that is visited by millions every year. The first thing to do is to visit this temple and several others around the region. It is often a good way to start your trip by first visiting the places that are of huge religious significance. And this temple surely tops the chart. So go and see it for yourself why this temple is so famous and why so many celebrities visit this place every year and pay huge donations as a token of respect.

Indulge in Wildlife Photography

Indulge in Wildlife Photography:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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The Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary is indeed one of the finest and biggest wildlife parks in Andhra Pradesh. And after visiting the temples, you surely need to set yourself off for some excitement and thrill. The park is filled with wildlife animals including the Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Monkeys, Jackals, Hyenas, and so on. Plus, there are several other species of birds that can be spotted easily. A perfect place for wildlife lovers and photographers. The area is filled with dense forest so nature lovers will simply enjoy their time here. A near-perfect place to spend an exciting day in the arms of nature.

Take a Stunning View of the Talakona Waterfall

Take a Stunning View of the Talakona Waterfall:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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The next on our list is surely going to blow your mind away with its beauty. The Talakona waterfall is a stunning place to see the waters falling from a height of over 200 feet into the deep valley. The sweet sound the water makes is simply music to anyone's ears and the sight is a treat to anyone's eyes. Enjoy in the waters with your loved ones, take selfies to post on social media. You hardly get to live the moments which you at this marvelous site. A 241 m long canopy rope walk can be extremely thrilling. People who love to trek will also enjoy this place. As you walk on the canopy rope, you can spot monkeys, huge ancient trees, and amazing birds.

Experience the Holiness of Akasa Ganga

Experience the Holiness of Akasa Ganga:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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Akasa Ganga is yet another famous and sacred water body near the main temple. Back in the olden days, the priests used to carry the water from this waterfall all the way to the main temple. So the water here is considered pretty sacred and people Bath to let go of the sins and gain good fortune. As per the mythology, it is believed that Akasa Ganga Teertham originated from the lotus feet of Swamy Venkateswara. The ritual of carrying the water is still continued today but only on certain occasions. They have laid down water pipes that carry water from the waterfall to the temple. A holy place for spending a couple of hours.

Let Go Of Your Sins at Papa Vinasama

Let Go Of Your Sins at Papa Vinasama:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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We Indians have different beliefs in wrongdoing and righteousness. We often look for salvation and finding a way to let go of our sins or wrongdoings that we have done in the past. Papa Vinasam is one such place which is believed to have holy powers to take off your sins and provide you with good fortune. Therefore, the next thing to do on our list is to take a holy Bath in the water stream that's available here. If you aren't interested in taking a holy bath, you cannot stop yourself admiring the sight of the water gushing from the top offering an extremely amazing view. You can go for watching the nearby reservoir or taking a walk in the well-maintained park and a garden.

Learn More About Sri Venkateshwara Museum

Learn More About Sri Venkateshwara Museum:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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After reading different articles on Tirumala, you must have realized that this place is undoubtedly sacred as per Hindu mythology. But not all of us know why it is so. Who, how, and why the temple was constructed here and how it became so important the national level and worldwide. I'm sure just like us, you are also wondering and wanting to know more. But from where can you learn about it? The answer is pretty simple, Sri Venkateshwara Museum is the place to look forward to. It was made public in 1980 and houses several religious artifacts of prayer utensils. You will also find the time-honored art and architecture. A meditation hall for the devotees offers a peaceful experience who is looking forward to some peace of mind.

Spend Time at TTD Garden

Spend Time at TTD Garden:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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If you are looking forward to spending a peaceful time with greenery and flowers, the TTD Gardens is the place to be. The garden is spread across in a huge area of 450 acres with an amazing group of landscapes, ornamental, and flower gardens. The history of the garden dates back to the 14th century when Vaishnava acharya Sri Ramanuja and his disciple Sri Anandalwar started planting trees in the garden. Even today, 1 million plants are produced annually. Hybrid varieties of crotons, hibiscus, and bougainvilleas have been delivered through the hybridization and mutation processes and are named after great personalities. As per the legend, Sattada Sri Vaishnavas under the name of Dasa Nambis planted the Tirumala flower gardens under the name of Dasa Nambis. He then created the flower garlands for use in Tirumala-Tirupati temples.

Go Shopping

Go Shopping:  Things To Do In Tirumala
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You cannot return home without filling your bags with the local items that are available for sale. Tirumala is a significant religious site, visited by millions every year, the shopping opportunities are enormous. The street bazaars are filled with local items for which Tirumala is so famous for. Here is the list of items that you must give a shot at. Thanjavur Paintings are pretty ancient paintings dating back to 1600 AD distinguished by their vibrant and myriad colors, gemstones, and gold foil. The next item is the Kalamkari Paintings which is another traditional art form practiced through pens on fabrics such as cotton and silk by using natural dyes derived from vegetables. Wooden toys, devotional CDs and publications, sarees, ornaments, jewelry, colorful bangles, images of deities and other religious figures, wall designs, carpets, and so on. Ensure you have explored the markets such as Bazaar Street, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, and Lepakshi Emporium. Happy Shopping!

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