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Bundi Weather And Best Time To Visit Bundi

Planning A Trip To Bundi? Here's a snapshot of Bundi weather and the best time to visit Bundi

Bundi is a beautiful oasis in the midst of the desert that is Rajasthan. Located in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan, the town of Bundi experiences similar weather conditions like Kota and other places in the region. Also known as the Lake town of Rajasthan, Bundi is known for its reservoirs(locally called Baoris). While being arid and dry for most part of the year, these reservoirs made Bundi habitable and accommodating. Weather in Bundi, like other parts of Rajasthan, is enhanced by festivities throughout the year. While the summers are simply too hot for most, the monsoons are humid, making winter the best time to visit Bundi.

Summer: April to June

Summer: April to June:  Bundi Weather And Best Time To Visit Bundi
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Summers here are like elsewhere in the state, dry and arid. The temperatures begin to soar and can go up to 45°C. The scorching heat of the sun is also accompanied by the hot winds that blow inland making summers very unpleasant. Most people usually avoid visiting during this time of the year. While the summers usually mark a drop in the tourist inflow, visitors who can bear the heat are greeted by great deals and discounts.

Monsoon: July to September

Monsoon: July to September:  Bundi Weather And Best Time To Visit Bundi
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Monsoons in Bundi are welcomed and greeted, given their role in bringing the souring temperatures down. The town receives moderate amount of rain and this rain washes away the summer outfit and gives it a new Hue. While the monsoon can be somewhat unpleasant given the humidity, it is nothing like the unbearable summer. The number of tourists visiting Bundi during monsoon is still small and hence monsoon can be a nice time to see the town without it being too noisy and crowded. Bundi has some surprises for those who do visit, like the Kajali Teej. This festival marks the arrival of the rains and is celebrated with much joy. While it is said to be the worship of Goddess Uma, the female consort of Lord Shiva, it is also believed to be the celebration of the prosperity that rains bring. The festival is marked by a procession of a palanquin that is believed to be a blessing. There are also fairs in the nearby region giving the visiting tourists a chance to acquire some traditional souvenirs.

Winter: October to March

Winter: October to March:  Bundi Weather And Best Time To Visit Bundi
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Winters are the most pleasant time of the year for most parts of Rajasthan. The same goes for Bundi. The day-time temperatures drop to around 20°C making it a good time for sight-seeing and other activities. While the days are pleasant, nights can be a little chilly, but it’s nothing a blanket can’t help. Like elsewhere in Rajasthan, the winters see massive tourist inflow with both Indians and foreigners visiting. There is a resultant boom in business and prices tend to go up. Planning in advance could save money and time looking for accommodation. The winters in Bundi are special given the festivals that happen around this time of the year. The Bundi Utsav, which is a colourful cultural festival that happens in November, is one such event. With fairs, cultural activities, traditional performances and a lot more, the Bundi Utsav attracts a large number of people. The lake town of Bundi transforms to become this magical, colourful and fun-filled place during Bundi Utsav. There is also the Mini Pushkar festival that happens in winter. 

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