Kinnaur Valley
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Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley

Planning A Trip To Kinnaur Valley? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kinnaur Valley

Also known as the ‘Land of God’, Kinnaur is popular among tourists for its stunning landscape, the towering mountains, the rivers Sutlej, Baspa and Spiti crisscrossing through the mountains, the lush green meadows and most of all the enveloping serenity. Kinnaur’s spectacular scenic beauty can sweep tourists off their feet. The pretty and quaint hamlets dotting the region are full of beauty and charm. From apple orchards and vineyards to mountain peaks and pine trees, from crystal clear rivers to temples and monasteries, Kinnaur has much to offer its visitor. Read on to explore the many tourist places to visit in the valley of Kinnaur.

Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Located in the Kinnaur dictrict, Sangla Valley is believed to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. Situated very close to the Tibetan border, it is a 6-8 hours' drive from Shimla. Over the years, the valley has become a top tourist attraction because of its stunning beauty. The snow-clad mountains, the Kinner Kailash Peak and the Baspa River flowing by create a magnificent and spectacular setting to behold and cherish.

Reckong Peo

Reckong Peo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Reckong Paeo, also referred to as the ‘abode of Gods’ is the headquarter of Kinnaur.  It is situated in the middle of the Himalayas. It boasts of stunning beauty and diverse cultures and is extremely famous for its apple orchards. It is surrounded by towering deodar and pine trees that enhance its beauty. From Reckong Peo tourists can view the Shivaling rock and Kailash Mountain.


Kalpa:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Kalpa is the main village in Kinnaur set in the Sutlej Valley. It is a beautiful place, popular among tourists for the temples and monasteries that it houses. It is also famous for the apple orchards. Rich in flora and fauna, Kalpa is a must visit hamlet in Kinnaur.


Ribba:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Ribba or ‘Rirang’ gets its name from two things that Kinnaur is famous for; ‘Ri’ or chilgoza, a type of nut, and ‘rang’ meaning mountain peak, both of which together define Kinnaur. Ribba is an interesting destination, famous for grape orchards and alcohols obtained from these distilled grapes. It is surrounded by edible pine trees and makes for a very tranquil land to just lay down on a meadow and chill. Roaming around here gives you a feeling of being in a piece of abode.


Namgya:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Visit this place if you want to be treated to lush greenery all around. It boasts of fields of turnips, barley, apricots, vines and buckwheat. Cutting through this green heaven is the babbling Sutlej River that makes its way through the fields. Another place to just soak in the views and do a little shopping (why, freshly plucked apricots and trips make for great souvenirs for back home). 


Lippa:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Lippa has a beautiful setting of meadows with horses and cattle feeding on the grasses. It is a favourite stop for Buddhists as they have three temples and a monastery here, namely, Dunguir, Galdang Chhoikar, Kangyur. In addition to paying visits to these places of worship, you will also enjoy feeding the cattle here and living village life far from all the noise. 


Moorang:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Moorang is known for its stunning apricot orchards and for the Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary that is spread across an area of 40 km. The place is a beautiful retreat, housing animals like Himalayan black deer, Brown bear, Musk deer and more. Chilling at the old fort of Pandavas on the banks of River Sutlej can be a relaxing experience too nearby. 


Nichar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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One of the most scenic and picturesque places of Kinnaur, Nichar is blessed with a thick forest cover. It is situated at an altitude of 2150 meters and it’s upper regions are home to wildlife species like black and red bears, antelopes and Ghoral.


Kothi:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley
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Kothi, also known as Koshtampi, is located 3 km from Reckong Peo and set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Kinner Kailash Peak. Along with sprawling fields and vineyards, Kothi is famous for temples dedicated to Goddess Chandika and Bhairon Baba. The village is held in deep reverence because of the presence of these two temples. So a trip to Kothi will be equal parts enthralling and religious.

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