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Chail Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Chail? Here's a detailed Chail tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
14.8° C / 58.6° F
Current Conditions:
Clear Sky
Best Months To Visit:
April to June
Recommended Duration:
3 to 4 Days
Nearest Airport:
Jubarhatti Airport (72 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Kalka Railway Station (81 kms)

In the midst of Pine and Deodar trees is the mystical small town of Chail, guaranteeing its visitors a great time and a memorable travelling experience. Chail, which was once the summer capital of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, is a paradise for anyone looking to spend a few days relaxing in solace. The best ways to reach Chail from any part of the country is either by air, rail or road and one can take these modes of transportation depending on the number of days they want to travel and the budget in hand.


Tourism in Chail is the best during the summers and after monsoons. Summers are slightly warm with pleasant winds blowing, whereas, monsoons see light showers and winters are pretty chilly with snowfall all around. Once in ‘hiker’s paradise’ as they call it, there are a variety of things to do and multiple places to see, that will keep you engaged throughout your journey. Let us help you plan your trip with our travel guide to Chail.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Chail Tourism And Travel Guide
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Due to Chail being close to Shimla, it is an equally desired hill station by travellers and therefore, an easy destination to reach. Different modes of conveyance are available for people traveling from different cities.


By Air:

Jubarhatti Airport, situated in Shimla is the closest airport to Chail, located at a distance of 72 km. Though further away from Shimla, the Chandigarh International Airport can also be used to reach Chail. Major airlines ply back and forth from different cities to the above mentioned airports, making aeroplanes the fastest and the most convenient way to get to Chail.


By Road:

Take a drive up north to see the pristine Himalayas and get lost in the beauty of Mother Nature. Reaching Chail by Road can be a fun experience if you have time in your hands. There are a few common roads taken by most people traveling by road and a few uncommon ones for the folks who want to explore around a little bit more. AC, Non-AC and luxury busses are also available to take passengers back and forth from northern cities nearby to Chail.


By Rail:

The Kalka Railway Station is located 81 km from Chail and is the nearest railway station. Frequent trains run from different places in the country to this railway station, making it easy for travelers to commute. Travelling in a train is always more adventurous and gives the traveler a view of all the beautiful landscapes it passes.


Getting Around:

Since this quaint town is often visited by many tourists, getting around is simple. Taxis are available for sightseeing and are comfortable and cost efficient. You can also ride the tourist bus provided by HPTDC or scout around beautiful villages in Chail on horseback, which is safe and supported by a professional guide.

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Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Chail Tourism And Travel Guide
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Summer (April-June):

The summer season is the perfect time to visit due to the warm weather, accompanied by some lovely breeze. The temperatures rise to a maximum of 30°C and drop down to 15°C in the night. Sightseeing is more fruitful during summers, as you can see the flora and fauna of this region in full bloom. Tall mountains in between clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds, await you during this season.


Monsoon (July-October):

The monsoons are good for nature enthusiasts, who love the atmosphere that the rains bring in. Lush greenery, fog-clad mountains and the sounds of drizzling rain make everything magical. Temperatures do not go up very high and remain at an average of 15°C-18°C. Landslides can occur during this time due to the land being wet. So visitors are advised to be careful.


Winter (September-March):

With temperatures dropping down to a freezing -2°C, Chail is an amazing place to be in during winters. The mountains and landscapes are covered with snow, making it apt for sledging and skiing. This season is enjoyed by many due to the picturesque beauty it provides, but you must make sure that you carry warm clothes for this weather as it can get quite chilly.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Chail Tourism And Travel Guide
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Go Sightseeing:

Sightseeing is something you must do on your trip to Chail. One of the major attractions here is the Cricket ground that has been constructed on top of a hill at an altitude of 2444 m above sea level. It is the world’s highest cricket ground and is worth checking out on your trip. One must also visit the Sadhupul Lake, where you can eat snacks and drink a hot beverage sitting right in the middle of river Ashwini, with the cool water of the river running through your toes.


Get Close to Nature:

Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary that has a plethora of flora and fauna, spread across their natural habitat. You can see a variety of colored flowers of different sizes and shapes along with a diverse range of animals that are native to the land. Birdwatchers can spot different birds that are both native and migratory. Visit the sanctuary in the summers to see a wide variety of animals and birds.


Go on a Trek:

If you are looking for an adventure, try taking a trek from Chail to Jhajja or Chail to Gaura. These are the two common trekking routes. Other than this, travelers are free to explore their own routes and feel one with nature. Chail has many challenging treks and visitors are advised to climb with proper equipment and in good health.


Visit the Maharaja’s Palace:

The former Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh had constructed a palace for himself, which is nothing less than magnificent. In the later years after his death, this palace was transformed into a heritage hotel, allowing visitors to live in the palace just like the king. The beautiful architecture of the palace, old artifacts and kingly bedrooms, have pulled the crowd to this spot for years.


Visit Religious Sites:

Chail is incomplete without a visit to some the most famous temples in India. Do not miss out the fabulous view of the Himalayas from Kali ka Tibba that is situated on a hilltop and is one of the most serene temples in Chail. Offer your prayers in other places of worship like Siddh Baba ka Mandir and Gurudwara Sahib, that are absolutely stunning and worth visiting.

Eat At

Eat At:  Chail Tourism And Travel Guide
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If you have a craving for different kinds of food, Chail has a multi-cuisine restaurant at the Maharaja’s Palace, which is one of the best restaurants in town. Enjoy a good lunch or dinner with an ambience that will take you back to the colonial era, where everything had a royal touch. Taste some Asian delicacies along with tasty Indian food at Tarika-e-Jharokha where the service is gracious, the ambience is warm and the food is delicious; appreciated by people who love to experiment!

Shop At

Shop At:  Chail Tourism And Travel Guide
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Shopping at any place is like taking a piece of that land back with you, to wherever you go. Shopping in Chail is fascinating as the markets have lovely artifacts and souvenirs made by the locals that portray the true culture of the land. The Chail Bazaar is a famous marketplace in Chail that has an interesting range of woolen shawls, handicrafts, personal care items, souvenirs, wooden artifacts and will never let you come out of the marketplace empty handed. Some of these quaint stores are as old as the hill station, making it even more authentic and pristine.

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