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Chail Weather And Best Time To Visit Chail

Planning A Trip To Chail? Here's a snapshot of Chail weather and the best time to visit Chail

Chail is one of the gems that adorn the land of Himachal Pradesh. This quiet hill station that is just two hours away from Shimla and is tucked in the arms of nature. Even though Chail is close to Shimla, it is not very crowded and allows its visitors to enjoy its beauty and atmosphere without a huge crowd around.


The weather in Chail is perfect for a vacation at any time of the year, with summers being pleasantly warm, monsoons being mildly cold and the temperatures dropping down drastically during winters. The most ideal time to visit Chail depends on the kind of adventure and vacation you are looking for. Summers are enjoyable with pleasant winds blowing and monsoons can get a little risky with chances of landslides occurring. September and October are ideal times to visit the place due to the climate being moderate and pleasing, while winters are quite cold and you can expect to see a good amount of snow.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Chail Weather And Best Time To Visit Chail
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The summer season stretches from the month of April to June and is the most ideal season for people visiting this beautiful hill station. The climate during the daytime is warm and rises to an average of 25°C- 30°C and decreases to 15°C in the night, making the climate absolutely apt for a getaway.


You can witness the beauty of the gregarious Himalayas etched in midst of the clear blue sky as well as paraglide amongst them. The place is appropriate for travellers who want to enjoy some adventure sports with rock climbing, rappelling and rafting being the most common ones to enjoy. The breezy winds are perfect to take a stroll around Chail and scout various places of worship. The summer time is also a good time to visit the different sanctuaries where you can see a number of animals and colourful flowers and plants. The region is dry during summers and very breezy, making it favourable and apt to go sightseeing.

Monsoon (July- October)

Monsoon (July- October):  Chail Weather And Best Time To Visit Chail
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The rains in Chail start from the month of July and last until October. Though the season does not last very long, it starts to cool the terrain of the hill station, getting it ready for the upcoming winter. The monsoon season is good for tourists who are nature lovers and want to witness the beauty of rain falling on lush green forests and fog covering tall mountains, making it look even prettier than a painting. This season in Chail has a temperature between 8°C to 15°C and can be quite chilly in the night. Although there are chances of landslides during this time and visitors are advised to be highly cautioned, this is the best time to relax and watch the rains, while munching on some ‘bhajiyas’.

Winter (September-March)

Winter (September-March):  Chail Weather And Best Time To Visit Chail
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The period from September to March is the most spectacular in the eyes of anyone who visits this lovely little hill station. The winters are white with a decent amount of snowfall and temperatures dropping down to an average of 5°C to -2°C. The winters in Chail are quite cold and one must pack warm essentials before taking a trip in this season. The view of this hill station seems like it is straight out of a postcard, with tall gigantic mountains covered with white snow and an atmosphere which puts you in a relaxed zone. The fresh, thick and soft snow is absolutely apt for skiing or even making a snowman.

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