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Kufri Weather And Best Time To Visit Kufri

Planning A Trip To Kufri? Here's a snapshot of Kufri weather and the best time to visit Kufri

Ever since the British in 1864 made Shimla the summer capital, the parts around the hill station also started being recognized. Kufri, which is very close to Shimla, is a recreational place to visit, which is surrounded by cedar trees and tall mountains. Weather in Kufri is mostly always on the cooler side with temperatures not rising very high. Summers are pleasant and you will get a cool hill station vibe when you go up during the summer months, while monsoons give a surreal feel to the place, with the entire town being covered in fog. Winters are the best time to visit this lovely hill station, due to the blanket of snow that gets accumulated during this time, making it the apt season to ski on the soft slopes.


Not sure when to visit Kufri? Read on to learn about the weather conditions in each season and the best time to visit Kufri.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Kufri Weather And Best Time To Visit Kufri
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The climate in Kufri throughout the year is cool, including the summer season. The months from April through June are the summer months, which are warm and also pleasant at the same time. The temperatures rise up to an average of 20°C and drop to a minimum of 12°C in the night, making it the perfect time to visit Kufri, due to its favourable climatic conditions. This season is the ideal time to indulge in some adventure sports and get refreshed. If you are planning a trip in summer, make sure you attend the Summer Festival, which is an event that showcases local art and craft. You can also learn more about their culture from these local pieces of art.

Monsoon (July-October)

Monsoon (July-October):  Kufri Weather And Best Time To Visit Kufri
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Kufri receives a moderate amount of rainfall during the monsoon season. This season that lasts from the month of July and ends in October, is a good season for tourists who just want to take a break from their regular monotony and simply enjoy amazing views of fog covered mountains, waterfalls and lush greenery. Temperatures in the monsoon season hit a high of 18°C, while the night sees an average temperature of 10°C. Although it may not be very safe to move around on the hilly roads during the monsoons when the land is wet, the misty look of Kufri during this season is definitely worth visiting for.

Winter (November-March)

Winter (November-March):  Kufri Weather And Best Time To Visit Kufri
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Winters in Kufri are extreme and if you plan to visit during this time, appropriate warm clothes must be carried. Kufri is also known as the winter wonderland due to the amount of snow that gets accumulated on the hilly terrain, which makes it perfect for sports enthusiasts; both amateur and professional skiiers to try their skills on the slopes. Temperatures during this season rise up to a maximum of 15°C and drop down drastically to an average of -8°C.


The low temperature makes the region extremely cold and also very dangerous for people climbing hilly areas on foot. Every year in February, the Winter Sports Festival is celebrated that welcomes skiers and other sport lovers to try their luck and skill on the undulating snow covered slopes of Kufri. Winters are a good time for people to appreciate the hill station at its natural best.

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