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Bir Weather And Best Time To Visit Bir

Planning A Trip To Bir? Here's a snapshot of Bir weather and the best time to visit Bir

Set in the foothills of the Himalayan ranges against the backdrop of the Dhauladhar Mountains, is a well established mountain town called Bir. The greenery of upper Bir and the surrounding villages is stunning and worth the visit. The weather in Bir is different in every season and therefore appeals to different kinds of people, depending on their interest in visiting this beautiful town. The summers are pleasant and dry with beautiful sceneries all around and is the most ideal time to visit Bir, while in monsoons it there is decent amount of rainfall, making the land wet. Winters are very chilly with temperatures dropping down drastically.


Not sure when is the time for you to go to this beautiful hamlet? Let us help you decide by giving you an overview of the weather through the year in Bir.

Summer (March-June)

Summer (March-June):  Bir Weather And Best Time To Visit Bir
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The month of summer starting from March until June is the peak tourist season and is the most ideal time to visit Bir. Temperatures rise up to a high of 25°C and drop to a low of 11°C in the nighttime in summers. This is the season that appeals to adventurers looking to get an adrenaline rush from doing adventure sports. Bir is a haven for paragliding and sports enthusiasts from all over the country travel to this beautiful hamlet to participate in paragliding competitions or simply enjoy flying in the midst of tall mountains and fluffy clouds. This is a great time to go with your family and enjoy the pleasant weather. The climate is perfect to go hiking in the nearby villages where you can learn more about the culture and tradition of the region.

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Bir Weather And Best Time To Visit Bir
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Monsoons in Bir that start from the month of July to September see a lot of rain. An average of 550 mm of rainfall has been recorded in the past seasons. Due to the ground being wet and slippery due to landslides, monsoons are the off season. Paragliding is not permitted during this time and hiking can be quite dangerous on the slippery slopes, if precautions aren’t taken. Hence it is not the number one choice of season for people to visit. But, the monsoon does create an environment which is so serene that you might not mind the slippery slopes, as long as you can sip a hot chocolate and stare at the rains, the foggy mountains and the eye capturing greenery for hours on end.

Winter (October-February)

Winter (October-February):  Bir Weather And Best Time To Visit Bir
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Winters in Bir are broken up into two segments; the months that don’t see much snow and the months that have a lot of snowfall with temperatures dropping down rapidly. The months of October and November is season time, with paragliding being one of the top most sports that people usually go to enjoy. Temperatures range from a high of 18°C to a low of 8°C-10°C in the night and this is the perfect time to have a fun time with your family due to the beautiful weather.


The months from December to February are the coldest in Bir with temperatures dropping down to sub-zero levels. At this time, paragliding cannot be done, but you can try your hand at skiing. The picturesque view of the snow clad mountains along with the chilly breeze that runs through your face, makes it delightful to visit this lovely town in the winter time.

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