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Shimla Weather And Best Time To Visit Shimla

Planning A Trip To Shimla? Here's a snapshot of Shimla weather and the best time to visit Shimla

Shimla, the queen of all hill stations is rightly called so. The weather in Shimla is characterised by mild summers, freezing winters and a distinct monsoon. Despite monsoons being the off season for tourism here, due to the pleasant weather, tourists flock to Shimla all year round. Though, we must inform you, in case you wish to avoid jam packed tourist attractions and accommodation, plan a trip during the monsoons which is slightly less cramped.


Wondering when to pack your bags and what to put in it? Read on to find out the best time to visit Shimla.

Spring and Summer (March to June)

Spring and Summer (March to June):  Shimla Weather And Best Time To Visit Shimla
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Ideal weather conditions with very little humidity in the air makes this the perfect time to be in Shimla. The blooms of the spring give tourists a fragrant and colourful welcome to the Queen of the Hills. With pleasant days, this is the perfect season for outdoor activities. Most people prefer to visit Shimla during the summers to beat the city heat and enjoy the scenic views and cool winds the city has to offer. The temperatures range from 10-20Celsius in the months of March and April and between 16-28o Celsius in May and June. The Spring months might also see some thunder and showers. 

Monsoon (July and September)

Monsoon (July and September):  Shimla Weather And Best Time To Visit Shimla
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Monsoon is off season. However, nature lovers might still plan trips during this time. Monsoons in Shimla are characterised by continuous rain. Due to this, the weather is cool and comfortable despite the high levels of humidity in the air. However, on the flip side, there might be landslides. Temperatures range between 13 to 20o Celsius. If travelling on a tight budget, you could get great deals during this period; however, we suggest avoiding this season as it may hamper your experience of the Queen of the Hill Stations.

Autumn and Winter (October to February)

Autumn and Winter (October to February):  Shimla Weather And Best Time To Visit Shimla
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Evenings tend to get cooler as autumn approaches in the month of October. The skies are generally clear with temperatures falling down to 10-12Celsius in the evenings. The highest temperature during autumn is close to 20Celsius. Winters turn the city to a pristine white with frequent snowfalls. Winters are generally characterised by dull weather which is enlivened by the snow falls. During winters the temperatures range between -7 to 10o Celsius. Due to extreme cold, the number of tourists in winters decrease, though many still come to enjoy the snow.


Despite the popularity of Shimla as a hill station in India, the city has managed to retain its serenity and calm. While some like to soak the waters of nature in monsoons, others like the romance of the winters and yet others prefer the pleasant summers. In short, the best time to visit Shimla is anytime the heart so desires. Just pack your bags and head out.

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