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Things To Do In Chail

Planning A Trip To Chail? Here's our list of top things to do in Chail

Popularly known as ‘hiker's paradise’, Chail is a small hill station situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This hill top is filled with plenty of lush green meadows, beautiful landscapes, pine covered hills and of course the majestic Himalayas, making it an ideal escape for anyone looking for break and wanting a change of routine from the regular city life.


Skedaddle your way up to this lovely little hill station that offers its visitors with ample activities like horse riding, trekking in the Himalayan range, going on Safari’s, bird watching and plenty more. Indulge in activities like photography to show off your photography skills by taking pictures of the most serene places in Chail, spend a tranquil night camping under the starry skies, or even go for a Safari and watch exotic creatures first hand, right in front of you. Either way, this place is bound to keep you entertained throughout your journey. There are so many things to do in Chail.

Visit Beautiful Temples

Visit Beautiful Temples:  Things To Do In Chail
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A visit to Chail is incomplete without a pilgrimage to some of the most serene temples of the hill station. Some of the must visits include Kali ka Tibba, which is a holy shrine of Kali Mata, perched on top of a hill. Devotees of Goddess Kali visit this temple to offer their prayers as well as witness the pristine views of the Choor Chandni and Shivalik Peak. Experience the peaceful and serene surroundings of Siddh Baba Ka Mandir, a temple dedicated to Siant Siddh Baba, constructed on a hilltop between Pandhawa and Rajgarh. You can also visit the Gurudwara Sahib, especially during Sikh festivals to see the decorations and the beautiful architecture of the structure.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding:  Things To Do In Chail
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Explore the most exciting rural sights of Chail on horseback! Back in the day, horses were used by the kings of Chail to hunt and move around the region and hence, a horseback ride feels like an authentic way to experience this cozy town. A professional guide will be with you at all times and teach you how to take control of your horse and will make sure that you are safe. Observe the culture of the locals by riding your horse to small villages in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh and discover a number of small and large lakes on your journey.


Camping:  Things To Do In Chail
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If you’d like to get a rustic feel of the life in Chail, camping is something you must engage in. Set up a tent on green grasslands and enjoy peace and quiet, as the only sounds you hear are the chirping of birds, leaves rustling or the occasional wind blowing. Sit outside your tent and roast your food on an open fire and take in the alluring charm of the night sky while sharing stories with your family or even friends that you made on your camping trip. Places like Jungle Stay and Clouds Camping along with other sites, are some of the best camp organizers in Chail who will help you set up your stay.


Photography:  Things To Do In Chail
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A haven for photographers, Chail is one of the most picturesque places in the north that offers wonderful views of the Himalayas. The immaculate beauty of the place is absolutely worth photographing and sharing and proves to be a great spot to engage in photography. Get off the horseback in a quaint village to take a click of the locals doing their everyday chores, capture the magnificent sunset views at Kali Ka Tibba, or snap the various species of animals at the Chail Wildlife sanctuary, because this pictorial destination has plenty to offer.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Chail
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Adventure fanatics can enjoy a trek into the beautiful pine forests of Chail, while spotting a diverse range of flora and fauna. Some of the most common trekking routes are from Chail to Jhajja and from Chail to Gaura, offering trekkers some of the most beautiful sceneries and making it rather enjoyable. There are a few routes from Chail that have a rough terrain and are meant for experienced trekkers, as the path is more challenging. So, put on your sports shoes, carry your backpack and start trekking on beautiful routes covered with Deodhar and Oak forests to feel highly energized.

Adventurous Safari

Adventurous Safari:  Things To Do In Chail
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The Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful patch of land between Giriganga and Krishna, and is home for several species of critters, insects, migratory and local birds, exotic plants and flowers. The native wildlife along with the diverse flora builds the perfect ecosystem for them to survive and grow in harmony. You can choose to go on a jungle safari to discover the inhabitants of the land, but the rough terrain makes it difficult to explore by jeep. It is best to explore the sanctuary on foot, where you can get a closer look of the variety of Pheasants, Deer, Kalijin and other animals and getup close to the beautiful flowers to smell their fragrance and observe the different and vibrant colours and sizes.


Sightseeing:  Things To Do In Chail
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There are a few unique attributes of this hill station that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Sightseeing in Chail is something you must definitely take some time out for. The highest cricket ground in the world is one of its kind and is located in Chail at an altitude of 2444 m above sea level, making it one of the major attractions in this small town.


The cricket ground has been constructed by flattening a hilltop and is definitely worth a peak. Next up on the list is the Maharaja’s Palace, in which King Bhupinder Singh lived. It is now a heritage hotel and if you choose to be put up there for a few days, you can experience living like a king. The Victorian ambience, ancient furniture and the gorgeous architecture of the structure takes you back to the royal era. You can also enjoy the serene sights of the Sadhupul Lake while sipping some hot tea and letting your legs dangle in the water below.

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