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Tourist Places To Visit In Chail

Planning A Trip To Chail? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Chail

If you are looking for a quick getaway from cities like Chandigarh or Delhi, Chail is a small hill station that comes to mind. This quaint hamlet is very close to Shimla and is visited by many, who want a vacation in a hill station that is not too crowded. The locals of the region are proud of their traditions, their culture and the place itself in general. There are quite a few tourist places to visit in Chail that make this region so very unique for anyone traveling to this beautiful hill top.


Chail is full of tourist places to visit; its has the world’s highest cricket pitch and polo ground that has been made by leveling the top of a hill. The region also has a number of sanctuaries for nature enthusiasts and various holy temples that make the journey even more divine. The summers and the months succeeding the monsoon season are the ones that are well suited to visit Chail to see the beautiful attractions.

Maharaja's Palace

Maharaja's Palace:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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Owned by the Maharaja of Patiala, the regal setting of the Maharaja’s Palace spreads up to 75 acres of land and was built in 1891. Later on, this palace was converted into a heritage hotel and comprises of all the grandness that you can imagine; variety of different kinds of cottages, ancient furniture, beautiful suites and rooms adorned with paintings from the olden days and of course views that are spectacular. If you want to experience what it feels like to live like a king, enjoy a very sophisticated stay at the Maharaja’s Palace. If you are strapped on a budget, you can always enjoy a short stroll to a part of the Palace and soak in its beauty.


Sadhupul:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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Sadhupul is a tiny village that is located on the banks of the river Ashwini and falls in between Chail and Solan. A small bridge has been built on top, below which the river runs and is a hub for quaint restaurants for visitors passing by. There are benches amidst the river on which you can sit and enjoy a nice hot beverage and some local food as well. Munch on some authentic snacks, while dipping your feet in the cool waters of river Ashwini and enjoy the lush greenery around and pleasant breeze blowing through your hair.

Kali ka Tibba

Kali ka Tibba:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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Enjoy the most spectacular view of the sunset from the top of a hill, where there is a Kali Temple known as Kali ka Tibba. The Goddess of this temple, that is Kali Mata is the main god and attracts many pilgrims from all over the country. The temple that is perched on a hilltop has nothing but a few trees surrounding it and the view that it offers from up there is nothing short of spectacular. Attain the blessings of Kali Mata at Kali ka Tibba while watching the most breath taking sunset.

Siddh Baba ka Mandir

Siddh Baba ka Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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Dedicated to Saint Siddh Baba, the Siddh Baba ka Mandir is yet another famous temple to visit in Chail. It is said that the former king of Patiala, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh dreamt of Saint Siddhi Baba, who told him that this was the spot he meditated in. After the Maharaja woke up, he ordered his men to build a temple in the place where the saint used to meditate. This temple is set on a hilltop in between Pandhawa and Rajgarh with beautiful sceneries all around and every holy soul must visit the Siddh Baba ka Mandir to attain peace.

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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If you are an avid lover of wildlife, make sure you visit the famous Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. The place spreads up to an area of 110 sq. km and is home to various species of animals and birds. The wildlife sanctuary is packed with dense green forests and a variety of different trees and flowers that are native to the land. A diverse variety of animals that can be seen include boar, sambar, Himalayan black bear, goral, spotted deer and many more critters that are exotic. You can also see a diversity of assorted birds as well as flowers that have different shapes and sizes. The best time to see the animals and plants in full bloom are the summer months between March and June.

Himalayan Nature Park

Himalayan Nature Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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The Himalayan Nature Park, located a few kilometers away from Chail is one of the most famous attractions. Animals like Leopard Cat, Tibetan Wolf, Black Bear, Cheer Pheasant and many other exotic animals can be spotted during a visit to the nature park. Selected Himalayan species have been housed in this natural habitat for educational purposes. One can even go for a guided trek or camp in some of the areas of the park, which is a thrilling experience. This park is perfect for nature lovers due to the diversity of plants, animals and birds, other than which, there is a lot more to explore.

Chail Cricket Ground

Chail Cricket Ground:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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The Chail Cricket Ground is one of the best places to visit in Chail and is one of the world’s highest cricket grounds. The former king, Bhupinder Singh, was a cricket fanatic and wanted to build a ground on the hilltop of Chail; it was then made by flattening the ground of a hill at a height of 2,244 meters. Nowadays, the cricket ground is a part of the cantonment area and the Army officials are responsible for maintaining the place. Visitors are allowed to scout around the area, but are not permitted to enter the ground.

Gurudwara Sahib

Gurudwara Sahib:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chail
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The first building that was built by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was the Gurudwara Sahib at Chail. The Maharaja’s Palace was built only after this place of worship came into existence. The Indo-western architecture of this Gurudwara is stunning and resembles a church, with an iconic high wooden roof that is 22 feet tall. This holy structure is filled with people during Sikh festivals like Gurupurab and Baisakhi. The facility also provides free accommodation for its visitors in common dorm rooms and guest rooms and free food at the Langar hall in the Gurudwara.

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