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Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Planning A Trip To Dalhousie? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Dalhousie

Situated in the Chamba district, on the North-Western edge of Himachal Pradesh, bordering Jammu And Kashmir on one side, Dalhousie has extreme weather, reaching as high as 39 degrees in Summers and as low as – 1 degree in winters. But located in the heart of the great Himalayas, this hill station has a lot to offer to travellers. Here are our pick of the top 9 must visit tourist places in Dalhousie. 


Khajjiar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by http://gotravelaz.com

Part of the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajjiar is a small hill station at the foothills of the Dhauladhar Ranges (about 6,500 ft. above sea level). Besides being a great retreat for nature and peace lovers, Khajjiar also offers many trekking options. Or maybe you’ll simply enjoy sitting by a crackling fire by the Khajjiar lake. 

Chamera Lake

Chamera Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by http://www.indiamike.com

Created by the Chamera Dam, this lake is the perfect picnic spot for tourists in Dalhousie. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Chamba district, watch the flow of the river Ravi and indulge in some exciting water sports on the lake. Surely one of the more promising places to visit in Dalhousie.

Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by https://www.groupouting.com

Yet another trekking and picnic destination, the Daikund peak is located at an altitude of 2,755 meters and is the highest peak in Dalhousie, receiving ample snowfall during the winters. Enjoy the view of the villages and the tall deodar trees that mark the route till here.

Ganji Pahari

Ganji Pahari:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by http://www.hotelhighland.co.in

An undoubted favorite for trekkers and nature lovers. Take this 1 hour walk from Dalhousie (just 5 kilometers) to reach the Ganji Pahari. The name literally translates into ‘bald hill’ as there are no trees on top of the Ganji Pahari.

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by https://edge.ixigo.com

Constructed in the 18th Century during the reign of Raja Umed Singh, the Rang Mahal was designed to serve as the private chambers of the royal women. What’s unique about the architecture here is the way Mughal and British styles come together. Head to Surara Mohalla in Dalhousie to catch up with history and some ethnic shopping from the handicraft shops here.

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by http://media2.trover.com

Just 6 kilometers from Dalhousie, lies 5,000 acres of the Kalatop Wildlife Reserve, by the banks of River Ravi (often even flooded by it). This sanctuary is a reserve of the indigenous Himachal flora and fauna. The place is a perfect haunch for bird watchers, trekkers and nature lovers. 

Sach Pass

Sach Pass:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by http://www.madhubanresorts.com

It’s easy to catch the breathtaking glimpse of the Pir Panjal Ranges from the Mall road of Dalhousie. But it’s quite another thing to walk 14,500 ft. above sea level, amidst glacier washed mountain debris, past snow clad peaks. This is a great option for adventure lovers and explorers. Sach Pass definitely is one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie.

Chamba Town

Chamba Town:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by https://upload.wikimedia.org

A 2 hour drive away from Dalhousie, lies the ancient town of Chamba steeped in art, culture and history. Named after the daughter (Champavati) of Raja Sahil Varma who shifted his capital here in 920 AD, you’ll be stunned by the sudden stupas at the side of the gullies and the unique pahari art tradition of the area.

Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie
Photograph by http://www.piczload.com

Built in the 10th Century, this wooden architectural miracle, dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu, has really witnessed a lot over the ages; including an invasion by Aurungzeb. The temple is built in the Shikhara style of architecture with pointed roofs (Shikhara), mandapam and an inner sanctum. Head here for a different kind of mountain experience.

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