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Things To Do In Chamba

Planning A Trip To Chamba? Here's our list of top things to do in Chamba

Chamba is an ancient city in Himachal Pradesh that has a rich history that dates back to almost 2nd century BC. The region has been ruled by various dynasties and each of them has left their mark on this beautiful town, making it what it is today! Even though Chamba is a small town, the spectacular beauty of the region is what pulls so many travelers towards it, making it one of the most visited tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh.


There are various things to do in Chamba for a traveler of any temperament. If you want to experience absolute natural beauty, head to one of the many tranquil lakes in Chamba or be adventurous by indulging in some water sports. You can also visit the serene temples in the region and see their beautiful architecture, which is absolutely noteworthy. Here are some activities that you can engage in to have a true feel of this pristine town.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Chamba
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The sport of trekking is enjoyed by many travelers, especially while taking a trip to the north of the country. In Chamba there are a number of treks that one can do and explore this great place on foot. The Manimahesh Range and Pangi Valley offer exciting opportunities for both beginners and experienced trekkers. Go on a trek to the Chobia Pass and get stunned by the breathtaking beauty of the scenery from 5000 m above sea level. Start the trek from Bharmour and hike up to Chobia Pass while enjoying lush greenery and cool breeze. Don’t forget to pack your trekking shoes, some warm clothing, water and some snacks for the road!

Water Sports

Water Sports:  Things To Do In Chamba
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The town of Chamba is situated on the banks of River Ravi, which means it is a hub for water sports. The many tributaries of River Ravi meandering throughout this small town are perfect for white water river rafting, canoeing and kayaking. Enjoy a day of rafting in the sparkling waters of the river gushing down from the mountains, but make sure you have all the gears you need and a trained instructor while on the raft. For more relaxing water sports, try canoeing or even kayaking by relaxing and rowing at your own pace, enjoying the surroundings.


Camping:  Things To Do In Chamba
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The setup of this lovely town is such that it is absolutely apt for a camping trip. Camping sites in Chamba are located in the most natural spots, right in the middle of the lush green meadows, scenic lakes and open clear skies. Camp X Terra in Chamba has facilities to camp, with more than twenty tents setup, ready for travelers to use. The place is surrounded by oak forests, making it even more scenic. Camp at the serene Manimahesh Lake and watch the starry night sky right before you sleep and wake up to the view of fog filled mountains.

Enjoy Boating

Enjoy Boating:  Things To Do In Chamba
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The Panch Pulla stream is very suitable for a lovely boat ride. It is located a few kilometers from Chamba and is one of the main attractions in the town. After arriving at Panch Pulla, simply book a seat for the number of people wanting to boat and wait until an attendant further assists you. You will be provided with necessary equipment like life jackets before stepping into the boat. Relax and take in the beauty of the silent stream while sharing the experience with your family.

Visit Temples

Visit Temples:  Things To Do In Chamba
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Chamba is a great place for pilgrims wanting to embark on a spiritual journey. This quaint town is brimming with traditional temples that have been built many years ago and now have become a frequented site for visitors who come to Chamba. Most of the temples revolve around Lord Shiva and Vishnu and their various forms. The Chamunda Devi Temple is a famous ‘Devi’ temple to visit and then there is Sui Mata Temple which is dedicated to Sui, the princess of old Chamba, after she sacrificed her life to save and protect her kingdom. There are a number of temples built in the Shikara style, like the Champavati Temple and the Vajreshwari Temple, which are worth seeing.

Go to Beautiful Lakes

Go to Beautiful Lakes:  Things To Do In Chamba
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The many picturesque lakes in Chamba make the town even more glorious. The Khajjiar Lake located in between Dalhousie and Chamba has religious value for devotees visting. The lake is surrounded by evergreen cedars and a must visit. Manimahesh Lake tops the list for the most sacred river in Chamba and this where one can get spectacular views of mount Kailash. The Chamera Lake and The Mahakali Dal Lake are other water bodies in the region that have a scenic view for visitors to enjoy.

Stay Close to Nature

Stay Close to Nature:  Things To Do In Chamba
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Chamba has a huge variety of flora and fauna to see and explore. If you are looking to be close to nature and seeing different animals and plants in their natural surroundings, then Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is worth visiting. You can plan a small picnic with your family and friends and enjoy the green meadows or you can take a hike either solo or with friends and discover the place on foot. You can see a variety of flowers, animals, birds and plants that are native to the region of Chamba. You can also enjoy nature at its best by simply having a relaxed day at the lake, rowing a boat and enjoying the tall mountains that are sky high.

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