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Things To Do In Kangra

Planning A Trip To Kangra? Here's our list of top things to do in Kangra

Tucked away amidst the lofty Dhauladhar ranges in Himachal Pradesh is the beautiful town of Kangra. This hilltop is full of greenery, making it one of the most picturesque places in the state. With the peak season being the summers, there are numerous things to do in Kangra during this season. The hillock is a popular place as there is something to do for everyone; you can indulge in adventure sports, offer your prayers at temples in the region or simply witness peaceful views of the tall mountain ranges.


Here are some things to do in this mesmerizing town that you might find enjoyable.

Go Trekking

Go Trekking:  Things To Do In Kangra
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The Triund Trek is one of the most enthralling treks in Kangra. Popular among adventure enthusiasts, this trek is challenging towards the last kilometer. Experienced trekkers enjoy the increase in the difficulty level and engage in the activity with a lot of enthusiasm. Once you reach the top, you are welcomed with heighted mountains covered in lush greenery during the summer and soft snow during the winters. You can also try the Indrahar Pass trek, which is an easier hike and good for both beginners and experienced trekkers. 

Go Paragliding

Go Paragliding:  Things To Do In Kangra
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If you enjoy the sport of Paragliding and want to fly like an eagle in between the high mountains of Himalaya, Bir Billing is the best place to enjoy the sport. Located at a distance of 65 km from Kangra, Bir Billing is one of the most famous places in Himachal Pradesh to engage in paragliding. Adore the breathtaking landscapes as you wade in the midst of fluffy clouds. The best time to enjoy this adventure sport is in the summers from March to June when the weather is pleasant and favourable.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking:  Things To Do In Kangra
Photograph by mojhi.com

If you are the kind to tour around and explore the region all by yourself, mountain biking is something that may interest you. You can hire a bicycle from various places in Kangra and you will also receive biking gear along with it. Go on a solo ride and discover nature first hand, while enjoying stunning views from different hilltops. Pass by quaint villages and green thick forests and learn more about the culture of the mesmerizing town.

Engage in Navratri Celebrations

Engage in Navratri Celebrations:  Things To Do In Kangra
Photograph by News18.com

The feel of Himachal Pradesh is unique, with Kangra being one of the gems of the region, especially during the Navratri season. This little town lights up during Navratri, a festival celebrated with a lot of vigour for nine days. Devotees from all over the country gather at the Jwalaji Devi Temple and The Bajreshwari Temple to take part in the Navratri celebrations. This is a great time to visit Kangra as the celebration during this time is worth seeing and being a part of.

Witness Scenic Views

Witness Scenic Views:  Things To Do In Kangra
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Himachal Pradesh is brimming with scenic views that people flock to witness every year. The Dhauladhar Mountain ranges set in the foothills of the great Himalayas are a majestic sight to behold and one must feast their eyes on this beauty during their visit to Kangra. The region has several trekking trails that lead trekkers to absolutely stunning views. While hiking on these trails, you will find pristine villages from which you can learn a lot about the traditions of Kangra.

Visit Tea Estates

Visit Tea Estates:  Things To Do In Kangra
Photograph by tourmyindia.com

Inquisitive about the tea is grown and packaged? Visit the huge tea estates spread of acres of land in the village of Palampur. The widespread tea plantations are a sight to watch and moreover, the whole procedure from growing the tea leaves, to picking of the tea leaves to the final stage of packaging is very informative, especially for a tea lover. You can even take part in the tea leaf plucking activity in the lush green fields and talk to the local tea pickers to learn more about the plantation. The aroma of fresh tea leaves in the tea estate is loved by all tea connoisseurs who visit.

Go on a Pious Journey

Go on a Pious Journey:  Things To Do In Kangra
Photograph by themanali.com

Take a peaceful journey to the Tashi Jong Monastery, which is a beautiful place of worship and the village around it known as Tashi Jong is home to several monks and refugees in the region. Due to many tourists coming to Kangra, Tashi Jong and the monastery has also started attracting thousands of devotees. Another temple worth visiting is the Masroor Rock Temple, which is a famous archeological site in the country. In this temple, rocks are carved into various Hindu gods in Indo Aryan Style. Along with stunning architecture of the temple, a visit to this temple will complete your journey in Kangra.

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