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Things To Do In Narkanda

Planning A Trip To Narkanda? Here's our list of top things to do in Narkanda

Narkanda, the winter wonderland of Himachal Pradesh, is known for its ethereal natural beauty, vast skiing spots, majestic views of the snow laden Himalayas and lovely apple orchards that can be seen from numerous heights. The town is surrounded by evergreen coniferous forests that add to the scenery of the place. There are numerous activities to engage in at this quaint yet beautiful town; skiing being one of them. The altitude that this town is set in provides great skiing tracks for tourists to enjoy when they visit in winter. Other things to do in Narkanda include visiting the apple and cherry orchards, going to religious temples, camping and star gazing and riding horses amongst other things.


Look through our list of things to in Narkanda and decide which activity you should indulge in.


Skiing:  Things To Do In Narkanda
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Due to Narkanda being situated at a high altitude of 2708 m, it has quite a few slopes that are perfect to ski and sledge in. Narkanda is one of the oldest skiing spots in Himachal Preadesh and is an ideal location for adventure junkies looking to ski down those beautiful snow laden slopes. The slopes of this town are smooth and perfect for a skier of any level. The most popular spot to ski in Narkanda is the Hatu Peak that stands 2000 ft tall and is easily accessible by tourists. While skiing, you can witness gorgeous views of the sun shining on the snow covered mountains, almost resembling the shine of a diamond.


Stargazing:  Things To Do In Narkanda
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Narkanda is set up way in the north and is free of pollution. Owing to this fact, the sky is very clear, especially at night and proves to be a great place to star gaze. If you like the idea of camping out in the open in the midst of tall mountains and a clear sky with millions of stars, then Narkanda is the place to be. You can even enjoy night sky photography during this time and capture the magnificent view of numerous stars in a pollution free sky.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Narkanda
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This wonderful town is home to various species of birds that are both native to the land and migrate from neighbouring countries. The ascent towards Hatu Peak is a dreamland for bird watchers; one can spot exotic species of birds like Indian Blue Robin, Yellow Grosbeak, Large hawk cuckoo and greenish and lemon-rumped warbler amongst many other species. Once you have reached the top of the climb, you can notice even more diverse species of birds that fly on a high altitude. Don’t forget to take your binoculars, so that you can see these birds up close.

Visit Ancient Temples

Visit Ancient Temples:  Things To Do In Narkanda
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The north of India is a hub for different temples, especially those that are manifestations of Lord Shiva and Vishnu and Goddess Durga. About 10 km away from Narkanda, is the beautiful Mahamaya Temple at Kacheri, dedicated to Goddess Kali. Samuel Stokes, an American, who was famous for introducing apple farming in India, had also built the Arya Samaj Mandir in Pahari architectural style. The temple is 15 km away from Narkanda and is easily one of the most significant temples in Narkanda. Also, the famous Hatu Temple on the Hatu peak promises breathtaking sceneries and creates a serene atmosphere for pilgrims.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding:  Things To Do In Narkanda
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Riding horses on uneven terrain in Narkanda is something one must do while visiting this beauty. If you are not the kind to trek, you can always go on a slope by engaging in horseback riding. Rejuvenate your mind by climbing up Hatu Hill on horseback, something you can only do in places like Narkanda. As you ride the horse, a trained instructor will accompany you at all times, to make sure you are safe. Sit back and enjoy the ride while witnessing views of dense forests and apple orchards on either sides of the path.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Narkanda
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The sport of trekking is best enjoyed in the summer months when the land is dry and easy to hike on. The Hatu Peak trek at a height of 3400 m is one of the most famous treks of Narkanda. The town acts as a base for trekkers, where they can also find trekking equipment, snacks and beverages before the climb. The sparkling view of the mountains, fragrance of newly bloomed flowers and glimpses of exotic birds flying around are just some of the highlights of this trek. Once on top, expect to have your mind blown with some of the most scenic views.

Visit the Apple Orchards

Visit the Apple Orchards:  Things To Do In Narkanda
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Take a stroll in the famous apple orchards of Himachal Pradesh in the town of Narkanda. With orchards situated at excellent locations, overlooking pristine valleys and mountains, they are a must visit attraction in Narkanda. Tour around the fields and gain knowledge on the process of growing apples and indulge in apple-picking activities, just like the localities in the town. You can choose to stay at an apple orchard resort and spend an entire day there, to get the full feel of this natural beauty.

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