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Kaza Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Kaza? Here's a detailed Kaza tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
15° C / 59.1° F
Current Conditions:
Clear Sky
Best Months To Visit:
March to June
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Bhuntar Airport (250 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Joginder Nagar Railway Station (365 kms)

Located in the Lahual and Spiti districts of Himachal Pradesh, Kaza is a picturesque little town on the plains of the Spiti River. As a part of one of the most beautiful and enchanting destinations of the country, Kaza has much to offer its when it comes to tourism. It serves as the starting point of most trekking expeditions and is located in close proximity to some of the most coveted destinations of Spiti Valley. Tourism in Kaza is adventurous and here is a snippet of travel guide to see here.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Kaza Tourism And Travel Guide
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Kaza does not have an airport or railway station but is well connected by roads and highways.


By Air:

Kaza does not have an airport and the closest airports are Bhuntar (250km) and Shimla (445km). From airports tourists can hire cabs to reach Kaza but during winter, roads remain closed due to heavy snowfall.


By Rail:

Kaza does not a have railway station of its own either. The closest one is Joginder Nagar Railway Station that is located 365 km away from Kaza. Tourists can avail buses or cabs from the station to reach their destination.


By Road:

Kaza can only be reached by roads, whether from the airport or from the station. HRTC operates regular bus services between Kaza and Kullu Manali.


Getting by in Kaza:

For commuting within Kaza, taxis and private jeeps are readily available. The latter are recommended as they are sturdy and can withstand the rugged terrain. Exploring Kaza by foot is perhaps the best way to familiarise oneself with the beautiful town.

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Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Kaza Tourism And Travel Guide
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Summer (March to June):

Summer is the best season to visit and explore the beauty of Kaza. With temperatures hovering around 15°C, the mornings are warm and extremely pleasant for moving around and sightseeing. It is the best time to go trekking and camping under the clear blue skies. Evenings tend to get a little chilly but are bearable.


Monsoon (July to September):

Monsoon is not an ideal season to visit Kaza. Incessant rainfall accompanied by landslides can create problems for tourists and can even be dangerous. Rains disrupt normal life and the beauty of Kaza cannot be explored.


Winter (October to March): 

Winter is the least favourable time to visit Kaza. Massive snowfall accompanied by extremely low temperatures make moving around impossible. The roads remain blocked, hampering movement of cars. There are frequent landslides and January is the coldest month with temperatures falling below -37°. The major entry points, Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass remain closed during these months.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Kaza Tourism And Travel Guide
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Go Trekking:

Kaza is the largest settlement in Spiti with the last ATM and petrol pump before moving further upwards. Most of the trekkers begin their trek from Kaza and move on to the neighbouring spots like Chandratal, Kibber, Dhankar etc. It is the best way to capture the beauty of Kaza and treat oneself with the amazing sights surrounding the town.


Go Camping:

Camping in Kaza, Kunzum La Pass and Chandratal under the clear blue skies of the summer months is the best thing tourists can do during their stay. Star gazing at night and soaking in the sun is the ideal way of cherishing the beauty of Kaza. Combine camping with trekking, biking and bird watching and you have an amazing vacation to look back to.


Go Click, Click, Click!

Kaza and its surroundings are few of the prettiest places in the country and it would be a sin not to capture these images for posterity. So take out the camera and set out on photography tours. Capture the beauty of the place in your lenses and you have the best souvenir of your trip. With rugged and barren landscapes, towering peaks, meandering roads and winding streams, Kaza is a photographer’s paradise.


Visit Monasteries:

As the spiritual and religious centre of Buddhists, Spiti has a large number of beautiful monasteries. One of the prettiest among them is the Key Monastery located near Kaza. There is a lot of peace and tranquillity prevailing here. The humming sound of the chanting of the lamas is soothing music to wary souls.


Interact with Locals:

Another interesting way of exploring Kaza and familiarising with the town is by interacting with the locals. Warm people with a simple life, the people of the region are a joy to interact with. It gives an opportunity to know more about their lifestyle, their cultures and rituals.

Eating in Kaza

Eating in Kaza:  Kaza Tourism And Travel Guide
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You don’t know a place until you get a taste of their cuisine. While Kaza may not offer you much in terms of options and luxury dining, their food is full of flavours. The Indian and Tibetan eateries and restaurants offer steaming hot food that is enough to warm a soul in the cold region. A bowl of hot steaming noodles packed with veggies is what is considered a luxury here. So when in Kaza, make yourself feel at home in these small warm eateries with hot food bursting with flavours.

Shopping in Kaza

Shopping in Kaza:  Kaza Tourism And Travel Guide
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Though a small town, tourists have ample choice when it comes to shopping. You can find some fine quality woollens, shawls and carpets. Local jewellery and stone gems are also very popular and you can pick some up. The market area of Kaza is teeming with shops selling Buddhist and Tibetan handicrafts.

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