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Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla

Planning A Trip To Sangla? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Sangla

Located in the Baspa Valley and near the Tibetan Border is a small village in Himachal Pradesh called Sangla. This is one of the most attractive places in the north due to its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. Sangla is famous for dense pine forests, nut gardens, beautiful views of the Himalayas and of course the lovely apple orchards that are so very vibrant in the summers.


There are several tourist places to visit in Sangla for people of all temperaments. You can go to a Budhhist Monastery or a Temple to enjoy the serenity of the place or you check out the quaint small villages around Sangla to know more about their culture or you can simply visit the Baspa Village to enjoy good vibrations and feel one with nature. Here’s our list of the prime places to visit on your trip to Sangla.

Kamru Fort

Kamru Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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Situated at an altitude of 2600 m above sea level, is the stunning Kamru Fort. This fort is located at a distance of 2 km from the beautiful hamlet and is the perfect example of Sangla architecture in the ancient eras. The place has now been converted into a temple that is dedicated to the Kamakhya Devi, the idol of whom is placed on the third floor of the fort. The Kamru Fort is majorly made of wooden architecture with several gates at the entrance that one has to enter.


Chitkul:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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A small village named Chitkul is located 20 km from Sangla and will absolutely relax your mind. This village is the closest and the last inhabited village before the Tibetan border. On the right of the village you can see the majestic mountains while on the left you can see the sparkling Bapa River, making it a beautiful scenery for anyone to watch. The village is well known for growing potatoes and also has a local temple for people living in the area to visit. Travelling to this village in the winters is a challenge due to heavy snowfall.

Baspa River

Baspa River:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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The Baspa River, also known as the Sangla River passes right through the village of Sangla, making the place even more gorgeous than it already is. There are a number of things you can do at the Bapsa River when you visit; the river is home to a wide variety of fish and hence becomes a paradise for people who enjoy the sport of fishing. You can also blend in with your surroundings by camping at the banks of the Bapsa River and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and clear skies above.

Sangla Meadow

Sangla Meadow:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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Witness nature at its best at the Sangla Meadow which is also known as Sangla Kanda. The lush green meadow with a view of the great Himalayan Mountains covered in snow in the distance is an incredible sight to see from the Sangla meadow. If you are a nature lover, the Sangla Kanda is one of those spots that you must visit, to get a good feel of the place.


Rakcham:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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This little village is also one of the last Indian villages located at the Tibetan border and is located beside the Bapsa River. You can catch a glance of the magnificent snow capped Kinnaur Kailash Mountains from this village. Rakcham is a very unique village and is set in one of the most remote regions, having no internet connection or postal services. The remoteness of the village gives it visitors some peace of mind from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it a popular place to visit.

Buddhist Monastery

Buddhist Monastery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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Established in 1992, is the famous Buddhist Monastery situated near Reckong Peo in Brelengi, also referred to as the Brelengi Grompa. This monastery was founded by the Mahabodhi Society in order to help Dalai Lama perform the Kalchakra ceremony. This structure is of great significance to the region of Sangla, due to the prominence of Buddhism in the region. The intricately designed wooden walls and roofs, set it apart from other attraction in Sangla, making it a must visit for tourists who have a keen interest in Tibetan culture.

Tibetan Wood Carving Center

Tibetan Wood Carving Center:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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The Tibetan Wood Carving Center, located in the outskirts of Sangla near Saffron Farm, is the perfect place to shop for amazing items that are made of wood. The wooden carvings that are handmade in Tibetan style are absolutely unique in shape and structure and worth spending money on. The center has a great collection of items that are handmade by locals, representing their unique skills. You can buy a souvenir from here, which will remind you of the lovely culture.

Bering Nag Temple

Bering Nag Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sangla
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If you are a religious person and have an affinity towards visiting unique places of worship, then the Bering Nag Temple is a place that you must go to. The architecture of this beautiful temple portrays the influence that ancient dynasties have had on Sangla. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jaggas and is considered to be one of the most sacred temples in Himachal Pradesh to go to. If you are visiting in the months between August and September, don’t miss the Fulaich Fair, which is held here every year.

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