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Things To Do In Sangla

Planning A Trip To Sangla? Here's our list of top things to do in Sangla

Sangla is a quaint village, hidden in the remote hills of Himachal Pradesh. The village is named after the Sangla River, which passes right through the middle of it. Since Sangla is set deep in the hills, you will find lesser crowds, which is unlikely in other hill stations in North India. Here you can truly enjoy the serenity of a hill station, without the hustle and bustle of people. There are a lot of things to do in Sangla; from visiting pious temples and monasteries, to going camping by the Bapsa River and visiting adjacent villages to learn about the life of the locals, Sangla has a variety of things to do. Let’s looks at some of those exciting things right here.

Visit Religious Places

Visit Religious Places:  Things To Do In Sangla
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Visiting Sangla for the purpose of a pilgrimage is a great idea, due to the beautiful temples and monasteries that have been set up there in the ancient times. Bering Nag Temple is an ancient temple that is dedicated to Lord Jagas, also known as Lord Shiva. It is one of the holiest places to visit in Sangla, making it a popular place to visit. Sangla also boasts of the Buddhist Monastery situated close to Reckong Peo, which is an architectural marvel. To enhance your religious journey, you can also visit the Mathi Temple, situated close to Chitkul. The beautiful decor and architecture of each of these places of worship gives you a more profound sense of being, making your trip complete in every sense.

Enjoy a Walk in Nature

Enjoy a Walk in Nature:  Things To Do In Sangla
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When you travel to beautiful places like Sangla, you must explore the region on foot. Walking in the Sangla Meadow to explore the natural beauty of the place is something you should surely do. Once you reach the meadow, which is also known as Sangla Kanda, your eyes will gorge on a 180° view of the beautiful Kailash Mountain range. You can also feast your eyes on the vibrant apple orchards that are found all around the Sangla Meadows.

Visit Quaint Villages Around

Visit Quaint Villages Around:  Things To Do In Sangla
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Visit the pristine villages around Sangla to experience the simplistic life of the inhabitants of the land. Right where the Borasu Pass Trek ends, the village of Chitkul begins. It is a scenic village located right beside the Bapsa River, making it even more charming. Chitkul is also home to the famous temple of Chitkul Maathi. Another picturesque village is the Batseri Village, located 8 km from Sangla and is famous for trout farming, Kinnauri caps and Himachali shawls. These small villages have a lot to offer to anyone who is visting and is interested in the local culture.


Camping:  Things To Do In Sangla
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The best way to have an adventure in the arms of nature is to go camping. Setting up a tent right next to the Baspa River is probably one of the best places to camp on. The best time to engage in this activity is from March to August as these are the summer months and have favourable climate. Enjoy a night of camping with a beautiful view of the hills covered in pine forests and apple orchards and the sparkling night sky above. You can find camping gear at several shops on the banks of the Baspa River.


Angling:  Things To Do In Sangla
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You can enjoy the sport of angling in the Baspa River that offers a great opportunity to catch the trout fish. The Sangla Valley is the place where trout breeding in India first started and was established, making it a great place for people to enjoy the sport. If you want to fish in this area, you will need a license for the same, but the good news is that the camps at the banks of the river provide tourists with equipment for angling and you would not have to carry your own. Summers are the best time to find a good catch and enjoy a great day by the river with your family and friends.

Attend the Fulaich Festival

Attend the Fulaich Festival:  Things To Do In Sangla
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The Fulaich Fair is a festival held in Sangla and is a carnival of flower-watching. This festival starts in the month of September and honors the dead relatives of the local people, to pray for the peace of their soul. The local people then gather rice, wine and other preparations and place it on a bundle of bricks. It is said that the dead relatives come to visit and eat the food that is offered to them. Afterwards, this food is also distributed to the poor people in the region.

Visit an Apple Orchard

Visit an Apple Orchard:  Things To Do In Sangla
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Himachal is famous for apple orchards that are organically grown in the farms of the many pristine villages. Sangla is one such spot that has a beautiful and vibrant array of apple orchards in the region. Visit the Apple Orchard Farm and Camping retreat in Sangla, close to the Gangarang Waterfall. The camps at this retreat are set in apple orchard farms that are 2700 m above sea level, giving you a magnificent view of vast orchards that are shining with red, pink and golden apples.

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