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Things To Do In Raipur

Planning A Trip To Raipur? Here's our list of top things to do in Raipur

Situated in the newly found state of Chhattisgarh is the capital of the state, the city of Raipur. This city is very prominent across different companies in India due to the manufacture of steel. It is the highest manufacturer as well as supplier of steel in the country and is pretty well known for the same. Apart from this, there are other industries and also many places of entertainment for the people living there as well as people coming from different places. The region consists of waterfalls, gardens, malls, lakes, sanctuaries and a lot more. Let’s have a look at some of the top things to do in Raipur when you visit.

Spend Peaceful Moments at Kankali Talab

Spend Peaceful Moments at Kankali Talab:  Things To Do In Raipur
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Kankali Talab is a serene and beautiful pond situated in Raipur. Sages from the Dashnai Sanyasi sect are highly revered and it is said that some of these sages meditated at the Kankali Talab due to the serene and peaceful atmosphere. It is said that all of these sages would dream of a divine deity and as a token of respect, constructed a temple in this area with a Kund. Right in the middle of the kund is a Shiva Temple that you can go to and the surroundings of the pond are covered with small stones and pebbles arranged in an organized manner. The main Kankali Temple falls under the shade of huge banyan tree, under which you can spend a few silent moments as well.

Enjoy a Safari at Nandan Van Zoo and Safari

Enjoy a Safari at Nandan Van Zoo and Safari:  Things To Do In Raipur
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Located in Naya Raipur which is about 30 km from the old city is the Nandan Van Zoo and Safari, a famous attraction in the city of Raipur. The primary aim of this place is to conserve and protect the animals in the region along with an array of plants and flowers as well. The main attraction at this place is the safari ride that is arranged by the authorities for people who are interested. During this safari, you are able to see animals in their natural habitat and observe more about them, some of which are on the verge of extinction. There is a water body close to it where you can even take a boat safari and see migratory birds coming in during winters.

Learn more at Energy Park

Learn more at Energy Park:  Things To Do In Raipur
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The Solar Energy Park, also known as the Urja Park is situated in Raipur and aims to create awareness and instill the habit of saving energy as it is a non renewable resource. It is a theme park, where there are fun games with which kids can play and learn at the same time. The special feature of this park is that it uses solar energy and other forms of energy to operate most of the rides. In the vicinity you will also find centers that have science puzzles, musical fountains and one can also go boating. The main goal of this park is to inflict awareness in people and to show them that a lot can be done with a renewable source of energy.

Know the History of Town Hall

Know the History of Town Hall:  Things To Do In Raipur
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Town Hall in Raipur is a government building as well as a tourist spot in the city. The structure has great history housing all sorts of information including the kingdoms and rulers that once set foot on Raipur and ruled it. The town hall used to be known by the name of Victoria Jubilee Hall and was inaugurated in 1890. The structure is constructed with stones that were gotten from Raipur Fort back in the day and recently it was renovated as well. The town Hall is a symbol of great importance politically as well as historically and is one of the most respected structures in the area. Visit the place to get a piece of history in that region.

Explore the Village of Champaran

Explore the Village of Champaran:  Things To Do In Raipur
Photograph by cgdekho1.blogspot.com

Champaran is a village close to Raipur which used to be known by the name of Champajhar. This village is situated at a distance of 60 km from Raipur city and is known by many as the birth place of the founder of Shuddhadvait Sect, Shri Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji. The village has immense religious significance due to this and two temples have been constructed in his honour. Champaran is more of a pilgrimage spot along with natural beauty as well. A small stream of Yamuna River flows through the village and is worshipped by several people who visit here since it is considered to be a holy river.

Have Fun at MM Fun City

Have Fun at MM Fun City:  Things To Do In Raipur
Photograph by mmfuncity.com

If you are done looking at the main attractions in the city, head over to MM Fun City for a fun time with your family and friends. This theme park is located in the outskirts of the city and is one of the biggest water amusement parks in the city of Raipur as well as Chhattisgarh. The park has been constructed away from the hustle and bustle of the city and has peaceful surroundings. There are several rides that one can enjoy inside the park and also things like wave pool, family pool and rain dance. You can also have a full fledged meal or some snacks at the restaurant that is built within.

Take a Stroll in Gandhi Udyan Park

Take a Stroll in Gandhi Udyan Park:  Things To Do In Raipur
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Located at the very heart of Raipur city is the beautiful Gandhi Udyan Park, which is visited by so many every day. The park has a lot of natural vegetation sprawling across as well colourful flowers and bushes. The walking area in the park is about 400 m and is the perfect place to take a morning or an evening walk or just a leisurely stroll. There is a huge ground that has lush green grass and there are yoga classes that are held there in the mornings and evenings as well. This is the perfect place to relax and spend an evening, especially if you have children. The plants and flowers are watered everyday and the garden is pretty well maintained, so rest assured you will have a great time after visiting there.

Soak in Culture at Purkhauti Muktangan

Soak in Culture at Purkhauti Muktangan:  Things To Do In Raipur
Photograph by inspirock.com

Dedicated to our former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam is the beautiful Purkhauti Muktangan in Raipur. This is a garden and a recreational park that reflects on the rich culture of the city and Chhattisgarh as well. Inaugurated in 2006, this garden was meant to be a recreational ground for all residents and visitors. Throughout the garden you are able to see sculptures and tribal figures erected, which add to the history of the place as well as the beauty of the garden. This garden was primarily made to pay respect to the culture in the region. Visit this iconic garden in Raipur to have a relaxed time and soak in some culture.

Admire Swami Vivekananda Sarovar

Admire Swami Vivekananda Sarovar:  Things To Do In Raipur
Photograph by tourmet.com

One of the oldest lakes in Raipur is the Swami Vivekananda Sarovar, also known by the name of Burha Talab. This is an absolute tranquil place to be in, with views that are serene and mind calming. The small pond is surrounded by several palm trees under which you can take shade and relax. Right by the lake, there is a huge statue of Swami Vivekananda in a sitting position, which looks quite grand and is an attraction by itself. You can go there for a stroll around the lake and grab some snacks from the many stalls that sit right outside this place. The lake is also a great place to go to for a morning or an evening walk and is a popular spot to enjoy a day picnic with your family. The best time to visit is right before sunset, giving a picturesque view.

Visit the Ghatarani Waterfalls

Visit the Ghatarani Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Raipur
Photograph by tripadvisor.in

Although a little far from the main part of Raipur city, the beautiful Ghatarani Waterfall is an amazing place to go to. This is the largest waterfall in Chhattisgarh and the sight is worth seeing. This place is the most popular during the weekends, especially in the monsoon season when the waterfall is at the peak of its beauty. The area around the waterfall has lush greenery and picturesque scenery which is perfect for a day out with family. Although it could get slippery during monsoon, it is the best time to visit the place.

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