Orang National Park
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Things To Do In Orang National Park

Planning A Trip To Orang National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Orang National Park

Located by the shores of River Brahmaputra, the Orang National Park provides a lovely and exciting side of Assam with a wide variety of fauna finding its home here. One of the oldest game reserves, the Orang National Park is a perfect destination for visitors looking for a quiet, yet seemingly adventurous getaway. With the local authorities going the extra mile to cater to all visitors, in lieu of promoting tourism, even the infrastructure at the park may be just very basic, a short stay at the Satsimulu Bungalow can be quite an experience. Here’s a list of things you can do in and around the Orang National Park.

A Tour of the Wildlife

A Tour of the Wildlife:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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With an obvious tour of the sanctuary, amidst the swampy grasslands, the Orang National Park is home to an assortment of endangered species that include the Great Indian One-Horned Rhino, Indian Hog Deer, Wild Boars, different snake species, the Bengal Tiger, Porcupines, Civets and more. The sanctuary houses a large variety of fish and birds that include the fishing eagles, woodpeckers, kingfishers, mallards, white pelicans, etc. Open for visitors from 10 am to 5 pm, the Sanctuary Trip is a must.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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Orang National Park is home to over 200 bird species which can be spotted easily en route a safari ride within the jungle. Some of the most commonly spotted varieties of birds you can expect to include the Bengal Florican, the Kingfisher, Heron, Golden Eagle, Owls, Storks, Lapwing, Barbet, Drongo, Sandpiper, Shrike, Babblers, Rice Skipper, Shrike and more. Bird Watching at the Orange National Park is one of the most renowned tourist activities.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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Yet another activity that you shouldn’t miss cashing in on, is the Elephant Safari when visiting the Orang National Park. A tour organized by the forest department, the elephant safari’s one of the best ways of enjoying the wilderness of the wildlife reserve, since much of the sanctuary’s not connected by tracks and jeep safaris only cover the basic boundaries of the reserve. So to venture deep into the wilderness, Elephant Safaris are the best way to go. The safari costs about Rs. 300 for an hour in the morning or evening. You can also visit the Elephant training camp by the banks of the Pasnoi River.

River Cruise

River Cruise:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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You can explore the Orang National Park rather differently by enjoying a river cruise at the Brahmaputra, which is conducted between one end of the sanctuary to another and is managed by the State Bengal Navigation Cruise Co. Tourists can opt for a river cruise and enjoy a full trip of the river along the park. With this initiative, the state government aims to promote the sanctuary as one of Assam’s chief National Parks.

Enjoying Darang's Pukhuris

Enjoying Darang's Pukhuris:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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Located 38km from Orang National Park in Darang is the Baladev Pukhuri, a government registered fishing zone and scenic pond spanning 15 acres. Established during the reign of King Bali Narayan, Baladev Pukhuri is a haven for bird watching enthusiasts. Similar to this, there’s the Jaypal Pukhuri in the village of Batkaliyajhar, which is a large pond spanning about 20 bighas and was known to have been built during King Jaypal’s rule. An ideal spot to relax amidst serene locales and one that serves as a picnic spot, one of the most significant features of this pond is its pristine blue water which always remains above the ground level.

Gandhi Smriti Park

Gandhi Smriti Park:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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A scenic and lush green park located in Mangaldai, the Gandhi Smriti Park is a beautiful tourist spot with several water fountains, and a garden, walkways paved with manicured landscape and ideal for a luxurious walk. You can enjoy a picnic here and spend some time in the quiet admiring its beauty. The park is also adorned with rides for the kids and ample space to play around.


Bhairabkunda:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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As if painted on a canvas in beautiful and vibrant colors of Mother Nature, Bhairabkunda is a popular recreation spot amidst nature’s calm. Located on the border of A.P and Bhutan, it witnesses the Bhairabi River and Jampani River merging here as River Dhanshiri, forming a significant tributary to the Brahmaputra and also has a dam. The dam is shaped as a Kunda or a place of worship for Lord Shiva. There’s a temple also close by built in the honor of Lord Shiva and is a popular spot for pilgrims through the year.

Pukhuria & Batha Beel

Pukhuria & Batha Beel:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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Renowned for being home to hundreds of birds in migration each year, Pukhuria Beel is located near Hazarikapara and considered one of the best places to enjoy the scenic beauty. A picturesque lake, Pukhuria Beel and its neighboring areas are perfect for a day out and picnic gatherings. Then there’s the Batha Beel, another known tourist spot for bird watchers, which is residence to transitory birds as well. These beels are not only abundant in flora and fauna but also add to the captivating beauty of Assam’s breathtaking landscape, making it a top destination to witness biodiversity up close and personal.

Trekking at Merak-Sakteng

Trekking at Merak-Sakteng:  Things To Do In Orang National Park
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Enjoy an adventurous trek at Merak-Sakteng with its rugged pathways and explore a rare opportunity to witness breathtaking natural beauty all around you, with surrounding getaways like Tawang – The Land of Dawn Lit Mountains, the Khaling Wildlife Reserve and the Tarshigang.

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