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Things To Do In Naples

Planning A Trip To Naples? Here's our list of top things to do in Naples

Naples is a beautiful city by the bay located on the coast of Italy and faces the Tyrrhenian Sea. The port in Naples is one of the most important ones in the Mediterranean Sea and throughout the history of time, Naples has seen fierce battles and numerous civilizations have tried to dominate their power over this region and its people. The stories of the extensive history of the city are told by the ancient monuments, squares, churches and many more things that define the city. There are several things to do in Naples that will show you how unique the region is. Browse through our list of things that you can indulge in while you are in Naples.

Climb Mount Vesuvius

Climb Mount Vesuvius:  Things To Do In Naples
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Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano mountain dominates the skyline of Naples. This volcano erupts every twenty years; the last time it erupted was in 1994 and in 1995 it was converted into a national park. It is a popular spot for tourists to enjoy; you can hike all the way to the top of the mountain, which will take about 20- 30 minutes, and even go close to the crater, which is pretty safe too. As you reach the peak of the mountain top, you can experience the most beautiful view of the Bay of Naples, the Apennine Mountains and good part of the Amalfi coast.

Visit Museums

Visit Museums:  Things To Do In Naples
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The National Archeological Museum was a structure created north of the Harbor in the 1750s, which was formerly used as military barracks. After several years, this structure was converted into a museum. Inside the museum you will find a selection of artifacts from the Greek and Roman era and also things that were excavated out of Pompeii. Typical things you can see at the museum include marble statues, beautiful mosaics from Pompeii, mummified remains and death masks from Egyptian era. If you want an inside on ancient cultures, this museum is a must visit.

Explore Santa Lucia

Explore Santa Lucia:  Things To Do In Naples
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The district of Santa Lucia, located to the west of Piazza del Plebiscito is the true way to get an insight of the local Neapolitan culture. The streets in this district are narrow and cobbled and eventually wind down to the sea. As you reach the sea you can find various shops selling handmade artifacts and other craft items. You can also find an array of restaurants that sell local cuisine and other shops for clothing and accessories. When you walk down these streets, you can see children playing around, people drying their washed clothes in the balconies and locals doing their daily chores.

Munch on Delicious Pizza

Munch on Delicious Pizza:  Things To Do In Naples
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If gorging on a delicious pizza is something you like to do, then Naples is the place for you. Naples is where Pizza originally originated from. This is the city that had the world’s first pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba. The first pizza was made here and in fact the famous Margherita Pizza was first made in this city. Sitting by a great pizzeria with your friends and family in Naples must be on your to do list. Some of the best places to grab a slice are Carminiello, Pizzeria da Attillo, Starita, Gorizia 1916 and many others.

Ride a Boat to Amalfi and Capri

Ride a Boat to Amalfi and Capri:  Things To Do In Naples
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The lovely town of Amalfi in Salerno Province is almost two hours away from Naples and is absolutely picturesque. The island is set at the base of Monte Cerreto and has scenic views of cliffs facing the Gulf; you can also see houses stacked on the hills with colorful roof tops. Another beautiful island that is quite easy to reach from Naples is Capri. The destination is a popular tourist destination and has a number of churches, monuments, museums and beaches as well. While you are at the Bay, you can see a wonderful view of the city of Naples from there.  

Go Wine Tasting

Go Wine Tasting:  Things To Do In Naples
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Once you are done looking at the beautiful places that the city of Naples has to offer, wind down by going to taste some wine. Naples is also known for producing great tasting wines, produced on the vineyards located on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. You can experience the whole process of wine making; right from the barrel where it is aged to the way it is bottled and sold. It is a great way to spend a nice afternoon and evening, tasting some of the best kinds of wine.

Relax in Terme Stufe di Nerone

Relax in Terme Stufe di Nerone:  Things To Do In Naples
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If you are looking to spend a day relaxing in Naples, you must visit the Terme Stufe di Nerone. 24 km from Naples and about an hour drive, the Terme Stufe di Nerone is a wellness spa and resort and is popular amongst tourists as well as locals for an ultimate relaxation experience. The resort has a thermal park with olive and palm trees and natural springs, making it a perfect destination for tourists to have some fun and have a relaxing afternoon at this lovely resort.

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