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Things To Do In Sicily

Planning A Trip To Sicily? Here's our list of top things to do in Sicily

The beautiful and charming island of Sicily is a Mediterranean island and the biggest of its kind. With an area of 25,711 sq. km, this island has an array of places to visit as well as activities to indulge in. Most of the island has attractions that are cultural, historical or scenic apart from a few spots where you can have some family fun. Also, due to the weather being moderate throughout the year, anytime is a good time to visit this picturesque island and soak in the culture of the region. Things to do in Sicily include contemporary eating and shopping scenes, visiting archeological remains, spending long days in some of the best vineyards, visiting tiny quaint towns around and so much more. Browse through our list of things to engage in while in Sicily.

Take a stroll by Spiaggia di Cefalù

Take a stroll by Spiaggia di Cefalù:  Things To Do In Sicily
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One of the most popular beaches in Sicily is the Cefalù’s crescent shaped beach known as the Spiaggia di Cefalù. During summers, the beach is packed with people sunbathing and children making sandcastles or swimming in the water. Some areas on the beach require a ticket to get in, but the area near old town is open to the public and you can hire an umbrella to get some shade from the sun and enjoy a cooling mocktail while seeing the waves of the beach hit the shore. The crystal clear beaches are great to take a stroll in and give you a true feel of the beautiful Sicilian beaches.

Taste Sicilian Sweets

Taste Sicilian Sweets:  Things To Do In Sicily
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Dessert is an important part of a meal in Sicily; that being said, the island has some of the most delectable desserts that will absolutely melt in your mouth and leave you wanting for more. A must try is the famous Sicilian Cannoli that is filled with cream, though only in Sicily, the inside is not cream but whipped ricotta cheese with lemon and sugar. Cassatta Siciliana is an ice cream dessert that has distince baroque overtones and is almost like a layered cake. Sounds yummy? Don’t wait until the end to try these desserts and many more when you visit the island.

Feel Close to Nature

Feel Close to Nature:  Things To Do In Sicily
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If you want to get away from the touristy places, visit the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve to get some fresh air and change of place. Stretching over 750 acres of the coastline, this reserve in the town of Siculiana is absolutely beautiful and pristine. The beaches on this stretch are nothing less than paradise and relaxing on them is a great experience. You may see a variety of wildlife here; porcupines, raptors, ravens, shorebirds, birds, seagulls and so many other species can be spotted here. There is a diverse variety of flora and fauna that make this place so special and worth visiting.

Spend a Day in Syracuse

Spend a Day in Syracuse:  Things To Do In Sicily
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Known for its ancient ruins, the city of Syracuse in Sicily lies on the lonian coast, which is an elongated bay of the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a lot to offer, comprising of the Teatro Greco, the Roman Amphitheater, The Museo Archeologico that exhibit Roman portraits and Old Testament scenes. One of the most famous sites in Syracuse is the Ear of Dionysius, which is a cave that has an entrance shaped like an ear. You can also visit ancient markets, where you can find authentic flavours, scents and colours of the country. Other notable sites to visit in Syracuse include the Temple of Apollo, Fonte Aretusa and Piazza Archimede.

Visit Temples in Selinunte

Visit Temples in Selinunte:  Things To Do In Sicily
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One of the most progressive and prominent towns in 409 BC, Selinunte located in the south western coast of Sicily was attacked by Carthaginians, soon after which the entire town turned into a large expanse of rubble. This archeological site sits high on a plain with beautiful beaches on both sides and is a great place to see the archeological structures. The two entrances to the archeological site are from Marinella di Selinunte to the east and the other from Triscina to the west, near which are three temples; one which is partially rebuilt with intricate stone columns and lintels. You can also visit the Cave di Cusa that will enlighten you on how these temples were built.

Visit a Medieval Village

Visit a Medieval Village:  Things To Do In Sicily
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One of the quaintest hamlets and a historic town in the province of Trapani in Sicily is the medieval village of Erice. With the little town being located in the western part of Sicily, at 700 m above sea level, you can see beautiful views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Lying on a mountain top called San Giuliano, Erice invites you to witness some of the most stunning sights and spectacular monuments. Erice is not inhabited by many people, and especially during winters, there are even lesser people, keeping the charm of the place intact. The village is filled with immense amount of history and stories that are told by the locals. Visit this town to enjoy a different culture on the island.

Visit a Natural Lake in Enna

Visit a Natural Lake in Enna:  Things To Do In Sicily
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Located 5 km from the province of Enna in Sicily is the natural lake of Pergusa. This is the only natural lake on the island and is not attached to any tributary; the water collected is from the rain and is unclear in nature. During the months of summer and autumn, the lake becomes a habitat for several species of birds, making the place unique. This lake is characterized by its red colour, one that occurs due to the microorganisms that live inside the lake. If you plan on visiting Enna, then you must not miss the Pergusa Lake.

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