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Things To Do In Palermo

Planning A Trip To Palermo? Here's our list of top things to do in Palermo

Palermo is a combination of stunning landscapes, lovely views of the sea and intricate architecture. It is also a city that is known for its local food, its ancient history and culture and is renowned throughout the world, making it a famous tourist destination in Italy. Things to do in Palermo are infinite; from visiting food markets and sampling the local life, to parasailing by the beach or enjoying a puppet show that gives an insight on the culture of the region, Palermo is a great place to visit to soak in some Italian culture. Here are some things to do in this city that you will definitely find interesting.

Visit the Ustica Island

Visit the Ustica Island:  Things To Do In Palermo
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The tiny Ustica island which is approximately 50 km from Palermo as well as the coast, is set in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Humans have been settling in this region for years now and the current population of the place is 1300. This is a good day trip and you can ride a ferry to the beautiful island from Palermo Harbor. The landscape on this island is rocky and it retains its history and charm. You can explore and climb the cliff to see the tower of Spalmatore or even take part in scuba diving in the waters around.

Have Fun Parasailing

Have Fun Parasailing:  Things To Do In Palermo
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If you are looking to have some adventures, then you must go parasailing in Palermo. Due to the city having calm waters at this location, it is apt for parasailing. When you go to the harbor or the beach, you can find various stands giving out parasailing services and the prices are quite reasonable as well. Glide over the Sicilian waters and see the region unfold its beautiful self while you go up in the air. This experience is something you would like to have when you visit Palermo.

Visit the Food Markets

Visit the Food Markets:  Things To Do In Palermo
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If you want to catch a glimpse of local life in Palermo, you must visit the food markets in the center of the city. The major food markets include Cap, Ballaro and Vucciria, which are all located nearby and in the major part of the city. These markets run daily and you can see vendors sell various things like vegetables, fruits, cakes, pastries, savories etc. When you pass through the markets, get ready to smell peculiar smells of fresh produce and seafood and hear the sounds of vendors calling out to you, giving you a good price for what they are selling.

Visit a Museum

Visit a Museum:  Things To Do In Palermo
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If you are a history lover, you must visit the Palermo Archaeological Museum which is located close to the Teatro Massimo. The museum houses various artifacts from the Greek era and art from previously ruled empires as well. This museum gives great insight on the life of Sicily in the olden times when it was ruled by so many kingdoms. Exhibits like Phoenician artifacts, underwater artifacts, and Roman artifacts are common things that you can see when you visit this museum.

Relax on Beautiful Beaches

Relax on Beautiful Beaches:  Things To Do In Palermo
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If you are planning to visit in the spring or the summers, Palermo has a beautiful coastline that must be visited. Mondello, a town which is 15 minutes away from Palermo, is a beach town with the beautiful Mondello Beach. This is a great place to relax and sunbathe with the cool Mediterranean waters. In some seasons, this beach may be crowded, but you still have a lot of place to make sandcastles and sunbathe. If you are feeling too hot on summer days, you may also take a dip in the water which is absolutely inviting in that season. Engage in relaxation and swim all you want in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Enjoy the Nightlife:  Things To Do In Palermo
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Nighttime in any city has its own charm! Palermo also deserves a mention as it has some of the best night party scenes in Italy. The nightlife in this city is intense and vibrant. The Le Calette club of Cefalù is a good one to visit if you are looking to have a club experience in Palermo. You can find a lot of crowds on a Friday or a Saturday night that include a lot of tourists from different countries, making it a fun thing to do. You can even choose to sit by a small bar and enjoy a few drinks with your friends.

Catch a Puppet Show

Catch a Puppet Show:  Things To Do In Palermo
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In Palermo you can watch puppet opera, which is a kind of Puppet Theater that first started in southern Italy in the 1800s. At first the plays consisted of Frankish romantic poems, performance of clashes in the medieval times and revenge and justice of lower classes over the upper. The themes of these theatricals are unique, depicting the history of the city and giving insights of the culture of region. This is a unique Sicilian tradition and should be on your to do list.


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