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Things To Do In Pisa

Planning A Trip To Pisa? Here's our list of top things to do in Pisa

Pisa, a world famous city in Italy in the Tuscany region is rich in sites and experiences. The city has several landmarks that are historically very significant. With the Arno River running through the city, great food, fun nightlife and beautiful structures that have immense history, you will never run out of things to in Pisa. You can discover a lot more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa in this city; soak in the Pisan culture by taking part in festivals, taking a stroll by the Arno River and much more. There are many interesting activities that one can do while in Pisa; let’s have a look at some of them.

Take a Stroll by the Arno River

Take a Stroll by the Arno River:  Things To Do In Pisa
Photograph by flickr.com

Once you’re done doing all the touristy things in Pisa, make sure you go for a stroll by the Arno River. This river flows from the city of Florence and then passes through Pisa dividing the city into two. Grab a Gelato and begin your walk from Garibaldi Square near the bridge of Ponte di Mezzo and start heading west towards Lungarno. As you start walking, you can see the University of Pisa that was established in the 14th Century. Other that this, you can see other interesting places like old structures, beautiful architecture and old houses along the banks of the River.

Have a meal in Santa Maria

Have a meal in Santa Maria:  Things To Do In Pisa
Photograph by www.amoma.com

If you are hungry and craving some good food, go straight to the Santa Maria area, which is very close to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The street has a huge range of eateries and not only that, after you are done eating, you can even go shopping on this street. The restaurants in this area cook delicious Italian meals; you can munch on authentic pizza, pasta or anything else that suits your taste buds. Osteria I Santi in Santa Maria has a good selection of dishes that are priced reasonably. Have a delicious Italian meal with a glass of wine and some desert in the end.

Sip a Coffee in Piazza della Pera

Sip a Coffee in Piazza della Pera:  Things To Do In Pisa
Photograph by zonzofox.com

One of the most popular and the nicest squares in the city, the Piazza della Perra is located right next to the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. This place is quite popular amongst the locals as well as tourists. There are a number of structures that are absolutely stunning and have a medieval touch to it. These structures from the Renaissance era are worth visiting for. There are also a variety of bars and coffee shops at the corner of every street; grab a chair and sit in the outer seating area of the establishment and enjoy the delicious coffee while you look at people passing you by.

Have an Aperitivo

Have an Aperitivo:  Things To Do In Pisa
Photograph by blog.zingarate.com

An Aperitivo is a drink that acts as an appetizer and whets your appetite before the meal. It is Italian culture to have an Aperitivo before meals at a chiccheti bar, followed by some light snacks. The best place to go enjoy this Italian tradition is at the Piazza delle Vettovaglie. This is a lit up square which is very popular amongst students and the locals and is surrounded by bars, shops, coffee shops and street food. On this street you can enjoy a refreshing Aperitivo and munch on some street food.

Relax in Giardino Scotto

Relax in Giardino Scotto:  Things To Do In Pisa
Photograph by mikestravelguide.com

The city of Pisa is filled with parks and gardens, one of the most beautiful ones being the Giardino Scotto. During the second occupation of the city, this peaceful garden was built inside a fortress in 1440. If you want to spend a few moments in peace, relaxing and being close to nature, The Giardino Scotto is a must visit. The garden is usually used by locals to walk, exercise, study or simply just bask in the warm sun. You can enter the garden for free and during summers, events are held in the garden.

Enjoy the Pisan Nightlife

Enjoy the Pisan Nightlife:  Things To Do In Pisa
Photograph by pureitalia.wordpress.com

If you are curious to know about the nightlife of this city, it is absolutely great! Plan the morning to go sightseeing and in the night hit the clubs and bars on the numerous narrow streets of Pisa. The city has a pretty happening nightlife; visit Chupiteria if you want to go to a club or a bar setting and do a few shots with friends. If you really want to party, go to the Boderline Club or you can go bar-hopping and go to Orzo Bruno and Bazeel as well.

Participate in an Illuminating Festival

Participate in an Illuminating Festival:  Things To Do In Pisa
Photograph by astridmueller.com

Every year the city of Pisa organizes a big festival in respect to San Ranieri; a patron saint of Pisa. The festival takes place on the 16th of June and all the structures by the Arno River are illuminated in the celebration. All the buildings and houses are also illuminated with candles that are placed in such a manner that they follow the shape of the building. The night of the festival is absolutely gorgeous, with all the structures around the river being illuminated. It is a spectacular site to behold and one of the top things to do while in Pisa.

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