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Things To Do In Mawsynram

Planning A Trip To Mawsynram? Here's our list of top things to do in Mawsynram

Mawsynram is a green little village located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya in north-eastern India. Famous for being the wettest region in the world, Mawsynram holds a Guinness World Record for receiving almost 26,000 mm of rainfall back in the year 1985. The village is located at an altitude of 1400 metres above sea level and is believed to receive such heavy rainfall due to its location near the Bay of Bengal. The vibrant farms, exquisite waterfalls and misty natural wonders make Mawsynram a prime destination for nature lovers who are also fond of rain. Here are all the top things to do when visiting Mawsynram. 

Explore Mawjymbuin Caves

Explore Mawjymbuin Caves:  Things To Do In Mawsynram
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The Mawjymbuin Caves are the main highlight of Mawsynram and located about 2.5 km from the bus station. More than 200 metres in height, the cave is made entirely in calcareous sandstones and consists of numerous stalagmites that have been formed through years of deposition and weathering of calcium carbonate and mineral-enriched liquid. There are numerous passages and rift entrances to the cave, but some of them can prove to be quite difficult to enter. A giant pillar formation here is naturally shaped as the Shiva Linga structure, which is the key attraction of the cave and given high consideration by the devotees who visit. A fact that makes the structure more interesting is the stalagmite shaped like a cow’s udder that is situated right above the Shiva Linga and constantly bathes it in water dripping from the stalagmite. The Symper Rock is another structure of interest here, which consists of a dome-shaped rock with a flat top, and from where tourists can enjoy amazing views of the surrounding valleys and hills.

Adventure Sports at Mawlyngbna

Adventure Sports at Mawlyngbna:  Things To Do In Mawsynram
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Mawlyngbna is a scenic village located about 15 km from Mawsynram and one of the best places to check out when travelling in the East Khasi Hills district region. Located on a hilltop, the village is known for its ancient animal fossils dating back to millions of years ago, beautiful freshwater natural springs, a large forest with an endangered species of pitcher plant and its picturesque waterfalls. An adventure park run by the Mawlyngbna village community offers a number of adventure sports activities like zip-lining and kayaking for the thrill-seekers; for those who prefer to take it slow, there are also options for swimming, fishing and boating. The village community holds regular activities to showcase their culture in the form of dances and displays of their handlooms and handicrafts at the local museum.

Enjoy the Views from Khreng Khreng Viewpoint

Enjoy the Views from Khreng Khreng Viewpoint:  Things To Do In Mawsynram
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Khreng Khreng is a vantage point located in Mawkaphan, about 4 km from the bus station in Mawsynram. Often touted as one of the best places to experience Mawsynram’s beauty, the Khreng Khreng viewpoint offers visitors fantastic views of Syntein village, which is famous for its expertise in bamboo handicrafts and whose products have gained both national and international level of importance. Beautiful views of the Lum Lawpaw hill, the Umngi River and other neighbouring villages, during dusk and dawn especially, make up the attractive scenery visible from this point.

Take a Trip to Cherrapunji

Take a Trip to Cherrapunji:  Things To Do In Mawsynram
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While the beauty of Mawsynram remains unparalleled in the district, taking a trip to Cherrapunji nearby as well is definitely warranted when travelling to this part of Meghalaya. Apart from Mawsynram, Cherrapunji is also one of the wettest regions in the world and is located just 12 km away from the aforementioned village. Travellers can hire taxis to shuttle between the two regions, which resemble each other in terms of both vegetation and topography to a large extent. However, there are multiple attractions here worth checking out, like the famous Seven Sisters or the Nohsngithiang waterfall, which is the highest falls in India

Visit Mawsmai Cave

Visit Mawsmai Cave:  Things To Do In Mawsynram
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Another impressive cave system is the Mawsmai cave located just 6 km ahead of Cherrapunji. A breath-taking maze of labyrinthine chambers, the caves are well-lit and are a sight to behold when the sunlight touches the limestone structures inside and creates numerous hues and patterns. The cave system is just 150 metres long and hence, quite easy for exploration and cave diving. There’s also abundant animal species that reside within the cave and often catch the visitor’s attention.

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