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Things To Do In Meghalaya

Planning A Trip To Meghalaya? Here's our list of top things to do in Meghalaya

Meghalaya means the adobe of clouds. It has got this name because it receives maximum rainfall for most time of the year. One of the villages in Meghalaya, which is Mawsynram, is the wettest place on earth. Meghalaya is in the north-eastern part of India. Shillong, its most popular hill station is referred to as the Scotland of eastern India by the British. It is one of the most enchanting states in India, and is rich with cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. There are so many things to do in this beautiful place, the list is endless. Few must-do things are mentioned below.

Nature’s abode

Nature’s abode:  Things To Do In Meghalaya
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When you are in Meghalaya there is no dearth of viewpoints, water spots and spotting some rare species of birds and animals. You can visit the Nohkalikai Falls which is known for its spectacular view. Maybe once you are done with this you can go on a quiet boat ride on Umngot River. The water here is green which adds its own charm to the river. It is surrounded by high mountains and you can see the bottom of the river which makes it all the more special. There are several picnic spots in Meghalaya and you can plan plenty when you are touring the state.

Root Bridges

Root Bridges:  Things To Do In Meghalaya
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One of the most fascinating attractions is the root bridges. Having established and being used for several years, the root bridges are rubber fig roots that have been woven into a bridge by the local tribes. The famous one is the double-decker and is close to Nongriat. You have to cross Tyrna to visit these bridges. Be amazed to witness the way nature has extended its hand and how the people have used it for their benefit. From Tyrna which is near Mawshamok, it takes almost eight hours to reach these.

Revisit the culture

Revisit the culture:  Things To Do In Meghalaya
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Explore the intense values of the state by paying a visit to the local museum. The Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Culture houses some of the finest tribal artefacts. The museum has seven floors and has a wide range of items. Some of them include weapons, instruments, jewellery used by various tribes along with old and rare photographs preserved with care and caution. 

Explore Caves

Explore Caves:  Things To Do In Meghalaya
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When you are in Meghalaya, caving is one adventure sport you must try. Winter is the best time to go caving in this place because the water levels in the caves are not too high. Meghalaya has many caves in the Khasi Hills region. Every year many expert explorers from all over the world explore the hills of Khasi hills in Meghalaya to find new caves in this region. With more than 1200 caves, Meghalaya boasts the largest number of caves in the sub-continent. Siju, Mawsmai, Mawsynram, Syndai are a few of the popular caves here you can explore with an expert guide.

Angling and Fishing

Angling and Fishing:  Things To Do In Meghalaya
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Angling and Fishing are very popular in Meghalaya as there are many rivers in this state. All the necessary equipment is readily available. Monsoon is not a good time for fishing because it is the breeding season in the state. You could hire a local guide and then even amateur anglers can try their luck. Stagnant water fishing is also popular in Kerdemkulai and Mawphlang. Ranikor also has a lot of in freshwater fishes. Umngot, Umtrew and Simsang River are few other popular fishing and angling destinations. However, if you are a tourist, it is important to know that fishing is prohibited in Shillong’s Ward’s Lake.

Rafting and Canyoning

Rafting and Canyoning:  Things To Do In Meghalaya
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This is a very popular sport in the rivers of Meghalaya. River Canyoning at Sohra is more popular than treks in this state. However, there are different levels of river canyoning available and you should be careful to select which is apt for you depending on the fitness and comfort level. Kayaking at the Kynshi River is another water sport which is very popular here. The best time for water sports is from November to February.

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