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Things To Do In Dawki

Planning A Trip To Dawki? Here's our list of top things to do in Dawki

Dawki is a small border town located in the West Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya and essentially lies in the region where India ends and Bangladesh begins. Situated in such a strategic location, Dawki is a major trade hub for the locals, apart from being a top tourist destination among those travelling to Shillong and other nearby attractions like Mawlynnong. The Umngot River is easily the main highlight of Dawki, and most travellers prefer to come here during the winter or spring months to enjoy the true beauty of its glass-like waters. Read on to know more about this exquisite destination and the top things to do when visiting Dawki.

Boating at Umngot River

Boating at Umngot River:  Things To Do In Dawki
Photograph by https://www.liveuttarpradesh.com/

Since Umngot River is usually the main reason why travellers come to Dawki, catching a boat ride on this magnificent river should definitely be on the top of your list. During the winter months, the water of the Umngot River becomes clear as glass, and the riverbed is often visible from the surface of the water. A local boatman is the one usually operating the boating trips across the river, and travellers will often get to see both Indian and Bangladeshi fishermen around the fishing spots. Some visitors also like to indulge in a little swimming towards the shallow end of the river. A boat race held between the months of March-April every year is one of the most anticipated events of the region and should definitely be attended by those planning their trip to Dawki around this time.

Experience Two Countries at Once at Jaflong Zero point

Experience Two Countries at Once at Jaflong Zero point:  Things To Do In Dawki
Photograph by https://www.trawell.in/

Jaflong Zero Point is located about 1 km away from Dawki market; a point situated along the border that separates India from Bangladesh and from where visitors can essentially be in two countries at once. This is also the point where the famous Umngot River crosses over from India into Bangladesh. A lot of locals from the Khasi tribe reside here, and the region features the accumulation of a number of stones in various shapes. Needless to say, tourists flock to this place so they can capture aesthetic and memorable moments here that are sure to last them a lifetime.

Enjoy the Beauty of Burhill Waterfalls

Enjoy the Beauty of Burhill Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Dawki
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in/

Burhill Waterfalls is a spot that will appeal to all nature lovers. Located on the Dawki-Riwai road, the water from the waterfall flows into a stream and joins the river along the Sylhet India-Bangladesh border. Burhill waterfall is situated amidst thickly wooded hills, and the area around it can be a little dangerous for those not used to these regions. The best way to enjoy these falls is from across the bridge that has been built nearby.

Explore Mawlynnong

Explore Mawlynnong:  Things To Do In Dawki
Photograph by https://travel.earth/

The cleanest village in not just India but the whole of Asia, Mawlynnong should be a must-visit for anyone who visits Dawki. This 80-house village with a population of just over 500 is located around 35 km from Dawki and is one of the most impressive spots you’ll experience here. The locals can often be seen sweeping the streets and keeping it free from trash all through the long winding road that leads to the village. The residents of Mawlynnong take great pride in the title bestowed upon them and go to great lengths to maintain its status. Visitors to Mawlynnong usually come here on a day trip, but there are homestays and guesthouses here for those who’d prefer to spend a little more time in the village.

Visit Riwai Village

Visit Riwai Village:  Things To Do In Dawki
Photograph by https://www.nationalgeographic.com/

Riwai is a small village that is best known for its living root bridges. Situated just a short hike away from Mawlynnong, Riwai has had these fascinating structures for more than 300 years, which were originally built by the local Khasi tribes for crossing over the rivers in the forest. The man-made bridges would often get destroyed by the heavy rains and storms that are common in this part of Meghalaya, which made the locals turn to manipulating nature in a manner that proved not just useful but a marvel to look at.  

Camping at Shnongpdeng

Camping at Shnongpdeng:  Things To Do In Dawki
Photograph by https://twitter.com/syngkremb/

A small town located close to the Umngot River, Shnongpdeng is more of a hidden gem compared to Dawki. Most tourists don’t even find out about its existence, but it is without question, one of the best spots for camping in the region. Entering the village requires a small entrance fee, but spending a night under the stars here right next to the river and overlooking the fantastic suspension bridge will truly be worth it. Most visitors also can’t resist from climbing onto the bridge to click spectacular overhead shots of the river and the stunning lush valley that surrounds them; it is important to make note of the fact though that the bridge can only support eight to nine people at a time, and may even appear wobbly at most times.

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