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Dawki Weather And Best Time To Visit Dawki

Planning A Trip To Dawki? Here's a snapshot of Dawki weather and the best time to visit Dawki

The quaint town of Dawki is nestled along the border separating India and Bangladesh and is an astonishingly lovely region that also divides the Khasi Hills from the Jaintia Hills. While Umngot River is Dawki’s primary claim to fame, there are several other hidden gems situated near Dawki that are sure to make every traveller’s visit to this part of the state extremely memorable. The weather in Dawki is best described as tropical; however, it rarely ever gets too hot during the summers or even too cold during the winters. Read on to find out the best times to visit Dawki.

Summer (April – June) & Monsoon (July – October)

Summer (April – June) & Monsoon (July – October):  Dawki Weather And Best Time To Visit Dawki
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Summers in Dawki are not as hot as the rest of northern India, but the monsoons bring with it a wet and humid climate that can make travelling and enjoying the local attractions of the region uncomfortable, if not unpleasant. Temperatures usually average around 25-30⁰C, and may even be slightly lower during times of heavy rainfall. The main attraction of Dawki is the Umngot River, which is known for its crystal clear waters. During the monsoons though, the water can go muddy in appearance and loses most of its charm for the visitors, some of whom come solely to witness the marvel of the Umngot River in person. So these two seasons may not be the best, although, they are not completely bad for a visit.

Winter (November – March)

Winter (November – March):  Dawki Weather And Best Time To Visit Dawki
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Winters in Dawki are not as chilly as the other regions in the state, which makes these months one of the best times to explore the little town. The transition months of September and October are particularly enjoyable since the weather becomes considerably drier after the retreat of the monsoons. The temperatures remain more or less pleasantly constant, ranging between 20-25⁰C. The waters of Umngot River are clear as ever during this time, and visitors get to enjoy their fill of boating and camera-worthy moments here. While the weather rarely gets too cold, it is still advisable to carry enough warm clothes with you, especially for the evenings and the nights.

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