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Nongpoh Weather And Best Time To Visit Nongpoh

Planning A Trip To Nongpoh? Here's a snapshot of Nongpoh weather and the best time to visit Nongpoh

The charming little town Nongpoh is situated in the foothills of the East Khasi Hills region of the north-eastern state, Meghalaya. One of the most beautiful spots in the state, Nongpoh features numerous stunning locations that can compete with any other commercially popular tourist destination in the country. The town is situated at an altitude of almost 500 metres and experiences a typically tropical climate. While any month can be a great time to enjoy Nongpoh's weather, winters are usually the most ideal time to plan your trip since the chances of unexpected rain ruining your travel plans are least during these months. Read on to find out what are the best times to visit Nongpoh.

Summer (April – June)

Summer (April – June):  Nongpoh Weather And Best Time To Visit Nongpoh
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Summer season is warm and wet and can be quite oppressive during this time in Nongpoh. Temperature lows hover around 22⁰C and highs can reach a maximum of 32⁰C. However, a lot of tourists choose to travel to this part of the state during the summers since the weather is relatively dry and visitors can enjoy the local attractions at their leisure. However, it is Meghalaya after all, so travellers should preferably remain prepared for unexpected showers at any part of the day.

Monsoon (July – October)

Monsoon (July – October):  Nongpoh Weather And Best Time To Visit Nongpoh
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Nongpoh receives a heavy amount – more than 3000 mm annually – of rainfall during the monsoon season. While the rain brings a great amount of vibrant beauty to the landscapes of the region, the wet weather makes any type of sightseeing and tourist activities very difficult for the visitors. Needless to say, except for travellers who are extremely fond of rain, the monsoon season should be avoided when planning a trip to Nongpoh.

Winter (November – March)

Winter (November – March):  Nongpoh Weather And Best Time To Visit Nongpoh
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Winters are one of the most pleasant seasons in Nongpoh and a popular time to plan a trip among the tourists. With temperatures that hover in the range of 15-18⁰C even in January, which is supposed to be the coldest time of the year, the winter months are the best time to visit Nongpoh if you are looking to avoid the rains and enjoy the town through the misty cool atmosphere.

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