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Jowai Weather And Best Time To Visit Jowai

Planning A Trip To Jowai? Here's a snapshot of Jowai weather and the best time to visit Jowai

Jowai is an exquisitely beautiful town situated in the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. Spectacular panoramas of vast green landscapes and the perfect mix of heritage and local culture make up Jowai’s key attractions. The town’s location at an altitude of almost 1400 metres means Jowai experiences an all-year-round pleasant climate. It is enclosed by the Myntdu river on three sides and Bangladesh to the south. While rain is a frequent visitor not just during the monsoons but also in the summers and winters, Jowai still makes for a great weekend destination, especially when visiting nearby Shillong. Here are all the best times to visit Jowai and how the weather fares through them all.

Summer (March - May)

Summer (March - May):  Jowai Weather And Best Time To Visit Jowai
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Summers in Jowai are moderately warm and the weather is actually quite pleasant most of the time, unlike the blistering summers the rest of northern India is used to. The altitude of Jowai is mostly responsible for its ideal climatic conditions during these months, with average temperatures in the range of 22-30⁰C during the afternoons and minimal levels of humidity; cool winds blowing through the nights are also not uncommon during the summer. This is one of the best times to visit Jowai before the monsoons creep in and make travel difficult in this part of the state.

Monsoon (June - October)

Monsoon (June - October):  Jowai Weather And Best Time To Visit Jowai
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Jowai receives quite heavy rainfall during the monsoon season as it lies quite close to Mawsynram – the wettest region in the world. The monsoon months last considerably longer than the summer months and should ideally be avoided by travellers. The roads can get treacherous and landslides are quite common during these months. While the rain brings new life to the landscapes and increases the beauty of the region immensely, the humidity levels remain quite high and can make outdoor activities unpleasant for those not used to this type of weather.

Winter (November - February)

Winter (November - February):  Jowai Weather And Best Time To Visit Jowai
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Winters last longer than summers in Jowai and can get moderate to severely cold. Tourists tend to frequent Jowai during these months to enjoy the chilly climate and the misty landscapes of the town. The temperatures range between 10-20⁰C but can dip to minimum levels of around 4⁰C during January, which is the coldest month of the season. Adequate woollen garments should be carried by the travellers if planning a trip during these months.

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