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Cherrapunjee Weather And Best Time To Visit Cherrapunjee

Planning A Trip To Cherrapunjee? Here's a snapshot of Cherrapunjee weather and the best time to visit Cherrapunjee

Cherrapunji is a very coveted tourist destination in north-eastern India and is hounded by tourists all through the year. It is the second wettest place on earth; hence you will not find Cherrapunji without rain any time you visit. However, it is not advisable to visit the place during Monsoon as they are drenching and not the best for road travel. September to January is the best times to visit Cherrapunji. Many festivals are celebrated during these months like the Nongkrem Dance festival during the months of tober-November and attract a lot of tourists too. The weather in Cherrapunji at this time is also great. Read on to plan well.

Summer in Cherrapunji (March-May)

Summer in Cherrapunji (March-May):  Cherrapunjee Weather And Best Time To Visit Cherrapunjee
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It receives moderate rain during summer; however, May is the wettest month and it is best avoided at this time. The temperature remains quite pleasant during summer. You will enjoy your visits to the caves during this season. Apart from this, the place offers you some excellent views that can go as far as the plains of Bangladesh.

Monsoon in Cherrapunji (June-September)

Monsoon in Cherrapunji (June-September):  Cherrapunjee Weather And Best Time To Visit Cherrapunjee
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Cherrapunji has rainfall throughout the year; however, during Monsoon it receives very heavy rainfall which can be as good as 11,777 mm. The temperature ranges between 12°C to 16°C, during monsoon. It is best to avoid visiting this place during monsoon due to heavy rains. However, if you want to enjoy the waterfalls like the Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Nohsngithiang Falls which is perennial, then it is better to visit Cherrapunji in monsoon.

Winter season in Cherrapunji (November- February)

Winter season in Cherrapunji (November- February):  Cherrapunjee Weather And Best Time To Visit Cherrapunjee
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Winter is a good time to visit Cherrapunji. Although the temperature may drop as low as 5° Celsius. The average temperature remains somewhere around 15°Celsius, so it is an ideal time to visit all the major attractions in Cherrapunji. From checking out the famous double-decker root bridges to relishing the fourth largest fall, you can do a ton of things that categorise in adventurous and simply out of the world.

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