Nongkhnum Island
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Things To Do In Nongkhnum Island

Planning A Trip To Nongkhnum Island? Here's our list of top things to do in Nongkhnum Island

The largest island in Meghalaya and the second largest in Asia, Nongkhnum River Island is a predominantly uninhabited and remote place. However, the entire region compares with little other in terms of its unconventional beauty and scenic ambience. Covering an area of around 20-25 sq. km., Nongkhnum Island will appear nothing more than an isolated treat for the eyes at first glance. As you continue to spend more time here, don’t be surprised if the island simply grows on you and makes you never want to leave. For more details about all that is on offer here, check out our recommendations on the top things to do in Nongkhnum Island.

Enjoy the Sandy Beaches

Enjoy the Sandy Beaches:  Things To Do In Nongkhnum Island
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Being an island, there is no dearth of vast sandy beaches at Nongkhnum. The cool sand is usually perfect enough to spend a warm sunny afternoon lounging around on it, but if you happen to visit during the cooler months, do bring your favourite book and a nice picnic basket to enjoy the misty ambience of the beaches during the day. If you are into sports and are travelling with a bunch of family and friends, a fun game of football or volleyball would be one of the best ways to spend a few hours here.

Overnight Camping

Overnight Camping:  Things To Do In Nongkhnum Island
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Adventure junkies do not need to be disappointed with the lack of local activities here. All you need to do is bring your tenting supplies, some amazing camping food and suitable outfits to wear depending on the weather, and you are set to spend an exciting yet peaceful night under the stars here. Don’t forget to bring your favourite group of friends to enjoy the beauty of this place. A campfire by your tent where you can roast marshmallows with your companions and sing fun campfire songs, maybe even share some campfire stories, is sure to be a great way to spend your time here.

Boating on the Lakes

Boating on the Lakes:  Things To Do In Nongkhnum Island
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Boat rides around the island are available for all those who visit Nongkhnum River Island. The clear waters of the lake look especially exquisite during summer afternoons here, with several small country boats available at specific rates to take you around the crystal waters as you enjoy the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Hike up to the Waterfalls

Hike up to the Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Nongkhnum Island
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There are two major waterfalls here; the Langshiang Waterfall and the Weina Waterfall. Weina Falls is located near the Weina Bridge, which serves as the entry point to the island and is one of the most recognisable structures in the vicinity. Both waterfalls are equally fascinating in their ethereal beauty, and there are viewpoints made around the falls from where visitors can enjoy the breath-taking views of the falls from a safe distance. In fact, the intensity of the waterfalls is such that even people standing on the viewing platforms get drenched in misty showers.

Visit Neighbouring Towns and Villages

Visit Neighbouring Towns and Villages:  Things To Do In Nongkhnum Island
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About 14 km away from Nongkhnum Island, Nongstoin is the only major town in the area and a great spot to explore when visiting Nongkhnum Island. Mawphnalur is located about 50 km away and travellers often combine a visit to both towns when travelling to this offbeat part of the state. The villages of Mawthar and Mawduh are also located close to Nongkhnum Island and make for a fun trip as well.

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