Nongkhnum Island
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Tourist Places To Visit In Nongkhnum Island

Planning A Trip To Nongkhnum Island? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Nongkhnum Island

A hidden gem nestled in the heart of West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, Nongkhnum Island is a river island that has been formed by the rivers Namiliang on the east and north and the Wah Kynshi on the south and west. A remote location that remains predominantly uninhabited, Nongkhnum Island is not just a treat to the eyes but to all your senses. The small hamlet is an unexplored section of paradise and is the perfect little retreat for nature lovers, especially those who prefer to travel to spots that are situated away from the usual tourist footfall. To know more about this place, check out our recommendations for the top places to visit in Nongkhnum Island.

Sandy Beaches Across the Island

Sandy Beaches Across the Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nongkhnum Island
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The river island of Nongkhnum is like one giant golden beach where you can spend hours simply soaking up the sun or walking along the serene shores. On a warm summer afternoon, the beaches are a great spot to enjoy a book while lounging around on the sand or dipping into the waters for a quick swim. If you plan to travel during the winters, spending a night camping under the stars here can be a great way to enjoy the island’s beauty and ambience. There are boating options available here as well to take you on a fun boat ride around the lakes.

Langshiang and Weina Waterfalls

Langshiang and Weina Waterfalls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nongkhnum Island
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Nongkhnum Island’s chief attraction is surely the Weina Falls and the Langshiang Falls. Located a few kilometres ahead of the island, Langshiang waterfall lies on the Kynshi river and is formed by the river splitting into two and pouring into a deep gorge. A number of village settlements are also located around the waterfall. Weina Falls is just as beautiful a sight as Langshiang and is located near the Weina bridge, which serves as the entry point to the island. Some viewpoints located on the island offer brilliant views of both waterfalls from a safe distance, as the pathways close to the falls can be a little treacherous.


Nongstoin:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nongkhnum Island
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Nongstoin is the main commercial town located about 14 km away from Nongkhnum Island. Since Nongkhnum can be classified as almost a remote location, most tourists visit the island as part of a day trip from their visit to Nongstoin. The whole of Nongkhnum Island can be explored in a few hours, unless you plan to spend a night camping here. Tourists often combine their trip to Nongkhnum with daytrips to neighbouring villages of Mawphanlur, Mawduh, Mawthar and Lawse along with Nongstoin.

Kyllang Rock

Kyllang Rock:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nongkhnum Island
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Kyllang Rock is a massive dome-shaped rock of granite, located about 2 hours away from Nongstoin near Mairang. It is about 5400 feet high and 1000 feet across, and is supposed to be several million years old according to geologists. It is also believed that a special magnetic field possessed by the rock prevents anyone from falling off its slopes. The northern side of the rock is covered in dense forests with lovely rhododendron and oak trees, whereas the southern side occupies large detached blocks of rocks.

Mawthadraishan Peak

Mawthadraishan Peak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nongkhnum Island
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The Mawthadraishan Peak, which is about 1800 metres high above sea level, can be reached through a rough patch of a road about 4 km from Nongshillong, a town situated on the Shillong-Nongstoin Highway. Most people with the right fitness levels prefer to trek to the top of the peak, which is the highest mountain in the region. On a clear day, one can enjoy great views of the West Khasi Hills towards the east, Bangladesh towards the south and even the Himalayas towards the north.

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