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Tourist Places To Visit In Mawsynram

Planning A Trip To Mawsynram? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mawsynram

Most people associate Cherrapunji with being the wettest place in the world. However, a lesser known village in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Mawsynram beats Cherrapunji by a small margin for receiving the most amount of annual rainfall in the world. This beautiful village is rich in greenery and culture, offering ample respite and rejuvenation to its visitors from the routines of normal life. Mawsynram is also known for its many caves that narrate a story of an ancient era gone by. The landscapes of Mawsynram are always covered in lush greenery and the air in the region will be a refreshing change from the polluted ambience of the cities. Here are all our recommendations with the top places to visit when in Mawsynram.

Mawjymbuin Caves

Mawjymbuin Caves:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mawsynram
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The Mawjymbuin Caves are the main highlight of Mawsynram and one of the most famous cave systems in the state. Also known as Krem Mawjymbuin, the caves are made entirely out of calcareous sandstones and are more than 200 metres high. They consist of numerous stalagmites that have formed over centuries through constant alternations of weathering and deposition of calcium carbonate and mineral-rich liquid. A Shiva Linga structure present here is the subject of regular visitation by devotees, which is made even more interesting by the cow udder-shaped stalagmite situated right above it that constantly bathes it in water. Another popular attraction of the cave is the dome-shaped Symper Rock. The rock has a flat top where visitors can climb up and enjoy brilliant views of the surrounding valley and hills.

Khreng Khreng Viewpoint

Khreng Khreng Viewpoint:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mawsynram
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Khreng Khreng Viewpoint is located at a distance of about 4 km from the bus station in Mawsynram. One of the most popular tourist locations in the region, Khreng Khreng offers enchanting views of the Syntein village, known famously for its bamboo handicrafts. The name Khreng Khreng translates to ‘cracked rock’; which is well-suited for this kind of region. Travellers also get to enjoy amazing views of the Umngi River and the Lum Lawpaw hill; sunsets and sunrises from this vantage point are particularly mesmerizing.


Mawlyngbna:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mawsynram
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Mawlyngbna is a small scenic village located about 15 km from Mawsynra. This serene location is located on a hilltop and contains plenty of spots worth checking out and continues to attract visitors on a regular basis. It is famous for the presence of rich ancient fossils here that date back to almost 200 million years ago. There are also several natural springs with clean fresh water here that flow all year round. A large broadleaf forest on the outskirts of the village contains a substantial population of the endangered pitcher plant. Several beautiful waterfalls like the Um Diengkain and Ar Phalat can be viewed from this hilltop, along with dramatic panoramas of the rolling Khasi hills and the vast plains of Bangladesh. The village community runs an adventure park where travellers get to indulge in fun activities like boating, kayaking, fishing, zip-lining etc. Visitors can stay at the Mawlyngbna Traveller’s Nest, which is the only accommodation available here.


Cherrapunji:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mawsynram
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Cherrapunji is located just 12 km away from Mawsynram and is often labelled as the wettest region in the world. In reality, though, Cherrapunji falls slightly behind Mawsynram in terms of the amount of annual rainfall received. There are numerous natural wonders of Cherrapunji that are worthy of exploring; the most famous one being the Seven Sisters or Nohsngthiang waterfalls, which are the highest waterfalls in the country. Travellers can hire taxis to shuttle between Mawsynram and Cherrapunji since there are no buses that run between the two regions.

Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mawsynram
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Mawsmai cave is situated about 6 km ahead of Cherrapunji and is famous as one of the most popular cave systems in Meghalaya. Well-lit almost all year long, the sunlight catches on different portions of the limestone in the cave at different times to create mesmerizing hues and patterns. The caves are just 150 metres long and can be explored in a single visit by most tourists. Visitors will also find an abundant population of indigenous species residing within the confines of the cave.

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