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Things To Do In Bhuj

Planning A Trip To Bhuj? Here's our list of top things to do in Bhuj

Everything in Bhuj is defined as the pre-earthquake and post-earthquake era. Textile tourism is one of the main attractions of Bhuj. Bhuj is the district headquarter of Kutch and is known for the great Rann Utsav which is an alluring festival held during the winters. From great palaces to amazing structures and enlightening temples Bhuj has it all for visitors. Spending 3 - 4 days in Bhuj will be full of experience — spiritual and entertaining. There are some amazing things that can be done during your trip and here we present some top things to do in Bhuj. Keep reading!

Visit the Temples

Visit the Temples:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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The Swaminarayan Temple, Dattatraya Temple, Shiv Temple, and Tapkeshwari Temple are some of the well-known temples in Bhuj. These are highly revered by millions of Hindus and Jains alike. Numerous devotional travelers visit these famous temples during their visit to Bhuj and Kutch. The redesigned Swaminarayan temple is the talk of the town and is popular for its magnificent architectural beauty. All temples offer peaceful surroundings which leave you stress-free and refills you with energy.

The Holy Shrines of Sufi Saints

The Holy Shrines of Sufi Saints:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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Like all other places in India, Bhuj has a great mix of both Hindu and Islamic cultures. A lot many visitors who travel to Bhuj often end up visiting some famous and historic shrines of Sufi Saints of Islam. To name a few, Hazrat Mishkin Shah Peer, MotaPeer Dargah, Sankalwala Peer Sahab Dargah, Zinda Shah Peer are notable amongst the many shrines of Bhuj. All these places are visited by thousands of Muslims all over the year, especially during the Urs festival (Mela) where people enjoy great food and shop various traditional Gujarati items.

Trekking at Kalo Dungar

Trekking at Kalo Dungar:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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At a driving distance of about 97 km from the Bhuj city center, there is famous trek point, Kalo Dungar or Black Hill. This is the highest point in Kutch, Gujarat which offers a panoramic view of the Great Rann of Kutch. It is also the only place from the top that offers the best view of the Great Rann. The black hill is also famous for an ancient Dattatreya Temple which is about 400 years old. This is a holy place near the Indo-Pak border.

Acknowledge the Surreal Palaces

Acknowledge the Surreal Palaces:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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Bhuj is famous for some of the best palaces in Gujarat. The Aaina Mahal, Prag Mahal, and the Sharadbaug Palace have the best architectural design that simply leaves sightseers speechless with their beauty. The Aaina Mahal built during the middle of the 18th century is mesmerizing. It is now converted into a museum in 1977. The beautiful palace is decorated completely with glasses, mirrors, and tiles in European style. The Prag Mahal is second to none. The Sharadbaug Palace was damaged heavily by the earthquake in 2001 but it is still delightful to simply stand and admire the beauty.

The Royal Cenotaphs of Bhuj

The Royal Cenotaphs of Bhuj:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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Chhatris or The Royal Cenotaphs of Bhuj is an ancient monument in Bhuj. At Chhatris, you can see the ruins of the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake. These Chhatris got heavily damaged during the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake, which you can witness firsthand. This ancient place is a perfect spot for history and archeology lovers. The term Chhatri means umbrella or canopy designed in a typical Mughal and Rajputana style. These Chhatris are dome-shaped pavilions. Located in the barren field with free entrance, the Chhatris of Bhuj are a great example of a marvelous history lane. While visiting the Chhatris, do not forget to wear comfortable footwear in order to explore it completely. There’s a lot of walking required to cover it entirely, but worth your time and efforts.

Living and Learning at Design Center

Living and Learning at Design Center:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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Spread in a vast area of 8 acres, the Living and Learning Design Centre is an educational and crafts resource campus which was urbanized in order to protect, uphold and promote the traditional Kutchi crafts. Here training and support to the local craftsmen are also provided. It has an entry fee of INR 50. For an evening of arts and crafts, you may visit this enchanting crafts place.

Explore Bhujodi Village

Explore Bhujodi Village:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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A small hamlet or village in Bhuj, Kutch district, Gujarat - the Bhujodi Village is a wonderful place for craft and handloom lovers. The village is a traditional crafts village and is situated about 12 km from Bhuj. Bhujodi is where the Vankar community of weavers live, and it is scarcely crowded. Here, the majority of natives are thoroughly involved in handicrafts and textile production. If you want to learn some productive handicraft-making, you must visit this place. In the village of Bhujodi, a variety of 16 different styles of embroidery is done traditionally.

Shopping at Bhuj

Shopping at Bhuj:  Things To Do In Bhuj
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For shopaholics, Bhuj is heaven drenched in the colors of creativity. Bhuj is the Textile hub of India. Here you would get the textile article at low rates as compared to other states of India. You would find an incredibly great variety of market stuff offered by the city as the city consists of a remarkable community of craftsmen. Some of the best offerings of Bhuj include:


  • Wall hangings

  • Embroidered Quilts

  • Glass bead works

  • Leather articles

  • Beautiful shelves

  • Vegetable color dyes printings 

  • Rogan art

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