Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
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Things To Do In Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Planning A Trip To Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary? Here's our list of top things to do in Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir National Park is on the list of every animal lover and a wildlife photographer. Many visitors not only from India but from all over the world travel to Gujarat to this wildlife reserve, in order to spot the most endangered species of big cats - the Asiatic Lions. It has emerged as one of the best tourist places not only in Gujarat but also in India. If you are an animal lover and want to spend some amazing time with your family and friends, then this place is a must visit. Let’s now discuss some of the best things that you can do at Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.

Engage in a Riveting Jeep Safari

Engage in a Riveting Jeep Safari:  Things To Do In Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
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The increase in the heartbeat and the adrenaline rush in your body is what you witness when you come face-to-face with this majestic and the most brutal force in the animal kingdom. The jeep safari is full of thrills as you stare right into the eye of the king of the Jungle. The Gir Interpretation Zone is considered to be the best place for Lion Safari because the lion population is more in this zone. Along with lions, you can also spot other endangered species of animals.

Fun-Filled Festival with the Tribe

Fun-Filled Festival with the Tribe:  Things To Do In Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
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Maldharis and Siddis are the two traditional tribes that live in the regions of Gir. The tribal folks organize festivals every year that give you an opportunity to spend some time with these tribes. It is recommended to attend ‘Dang Darbar’ festival, celebrated just a couple of days before the Holi festival. The Chitra Vichitra fair is held a fortnight after the festival. Enjoy the folk dance and the amazing food at the Darbar festival and increase your cultural knowledge by being part of the fair.

Enjoy a Luxurious Stay and Delicious Food

Enjoy a Luxurious Stay and Delicious Food:  Things To Do In Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
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Within the close vicinity of Gir National Park, there are several resorts where you can enjoy an astounding staying experience. Within the area, there are many restaurants that offer amazingly delectable food that has an authentic taste of Gujarat. The Fern Gir Forest is one of the most luxurious resorts at a distance of 30 km from Gir National Park. It not only has a large variety of food but also a pool that will help you get refreshed. The poolside juice bar is the next best thing that offers mocktails and savory snacks. The Sukhsagar Gir is another luxurious resort which is just about 24 km away for the park. These resorts are affordable and ready to give you a sensual and comfortable stay.

Exquisite Bird Sighting

Exquisite Bird Sighting:  Things To Do In Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
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Paying a visit to a wildlife sanctuary or a national park is often an exciting experience. With sighing amazing wildlife animals in their natural habitat, an opportunity to see some exquisite collection of birds adds to the excitement. Gir National Park offers a perfect destination for sighting some of the rarest species of birds. The period between December and January is known to be the ideal time for bird sighting when many migrating birds fly to India, which includes, but not limited to Pygmy Woodpecker, Bonneli’s Eagle, and Woodpecker’s Flamingo.

Visit the Crocodile Breeding Center

Visit the Crocodile Breeding Center:  Things To Do In Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
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Another exciting thing to do in Gir is to visit the crocodile breeding center which is located near the Sinh Sadan. After the thrills of jungle safari and exuberating experience of bird sighting, being at the crocodile breeding center is a great way to learn and know more about these huge reptiles and the importance of their conservation. You’ll be amazed to know how they survived for over a million years and the role they play in maintaining nature’s cycle.

Shopping in the National Park

Shopping in the National Park:  Things To Do In Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
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When you visit Gir National Park, you have a great opportunity to purchase some exquisite collection of Gujarati items. From the Gujarati trademark Patola silk sarees to attractive Bandhnis, there is so much that you can buy as a reminiscence of your trip to Gir. How can you leave Gujarat without buying the famous and traditional Ghagra-cholis? Ensure you have filled your bags with these and other handmade items such as wall hangings, cradle clothes, and much more. You don’t have to go far to buy these, there are many shops near the entry and exit gate of the national park.

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