Patan (Gujarat)
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Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)

Planning A Trip To Patan (Gujarat)? Here's our list of top things to do in Patan (Gujarat)

The old capital of Gujarat, Patan is a small town not too far away from Ahmedabad. It is at a distance of 110 km from the state capital and is popular for producing one of the most exquisites and costliest patterns of sarees known by the name Patola. It is also one of the finest hand-made textiles in the world. It takes somewhere around four to six months to produce one saree which is sold for up to INR 70,000 (more than US $ 2,000). You can actually witness how this popular item is weaved in the area called Sadvi Wada. Along with this, there are many things that you can do in and around this famous city. So keep reading to know what the city has in store to offer you.

Celebrate the Rani Ka Vav Festival

Celebrate the Rani Ka Vav Festival:  Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)
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Rani Ka Vav is situated on the banks of the river Saraswati. It was built as a memorial to a king in the 11th century AD. What attracts the tourists here is its distinctive form of subterranean architecture which is an extraordinary example in the Indian subcontinent. Every year a festival named Rani ka Vav Festival is celebrated here with great pleasure and delight. The main highlight of this festival is the special lighting and décoration at the site which will mesmerize you. Don’t forget to attend the cultural dance and music programs. Shops around the site become the top attraction for shopaholic and it’s fun to street-shop here for the local arts and crafts and exquisite local food cuisines.

Take a Side Trip to Megacities of Gujarat

Take a Side Trip to Megacities of Gujarat:  Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)
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At a distance of 85 km and 110 km, you can explore more of Gujarat by visiting the state capital and the financial capital of Gujarat: Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad respectively. These two places fall under the category of India’s major cities and tourist attractions. There are numerous places around these areas which are famous amongst tourists. The list of things-to-do at these places is just unending. A perfect blend of culture, tradition, history, and westernization is the best highlight of these two megacities. So you can think about adding a couple of days more to your Patan trip and give a side visit here. You will not be disappointed.

Explore Patan’s Hidden Gems

Explore Patan’s Hidden Gems:  Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)
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The land of Gujarat is considered to be holy because of numerous temples, mosques, and holy shrines. Patan too has many temples which aren’t well explored. There are over 100 stunning Jain temples in the city. In fact, Patan is the only city in India which had the most number of Jain temples since the first day of the city. There are amazing gardens around these temples which offer a peaceful environment to devotees. In addition to Jain temples, Patan also has several Hindu temples which are equally beautiful and divine.

Shop at Local Bazar

Shop at Local Bazar:  Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)
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Patan is famous across the country and the world for the production of popular Patola Silk Sarees. This unique and special form of saree is one of the costliest dress materials sold in India. The best quality Patola Sarees can cost you as high as INR 70,000 and even in lacs. These special sarees are even exported outside India due to their high demand in the international markets. Along with the Patola Saree, you can shop valuable Gujarati items and other dress materials from the local market. The city also has several malls. So if you plan to buy some branded stuff, try these malls. However, the variety that’s available in the local bazaar is unmatchable. So don’t forget to fill your bags with well-known Gujarati items.

Watch Patola Weaving in Action

Watch Patola Weaving in Action:  Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)
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Patola Silk Sarees, being one of India’s most expensive dress materials, is the talk of the town. Many visitors love to explore more about its tradition, why is it so expensive, and witness how it is produced. So experiencing how Patola Sarees are weaved, becomes by default, an attraction in Patan. There are only 3 families in the entire country who know how to weave this. They have carried this tradition and learned the art of manufacturing it from their ancestors. If you are in Patan, include visiting the manufacturing sites in your things-to-do list.

Know More About Patan Through Museums

Know More About Patan Through Museums:  Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)
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To know more about any city, museums become the best form of imparting that knowledge. If you want to learn more about Patan and its history, don’t forget to visit the museums, there are quite a few out there. The Prabhas Patan Museum, Patan Patola Heritage Museum, and Patan City Museum are some of the best ones in the town. You can learn about the history of Patola Sarees how it started, what materials are used, and so on at Patola Heritage Museum. Patan’s culture and craft come to light through Prabhas Patan Museum. So these are some interesting spots to be at — time well spent.

Walk Around Patan’s Sarovar

Walk Around Patan’s Sarovar:  Things To Do In Patan (Gujarat)
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Khan Sarovar, Bindhu Sarovar, and Sahastralinga Talav come under the category of top tourist spots in Patan. What is good about these Sarovars? Well, their architecture. These are nice places to spend the evening with your family and loved ones. Walk along the bank of the Sarovar and then rest in the gardens or parks within their close vicinity. Children can enjoy their time in the park and there are some good restaurants in the area. So after a walk and some peaceful time in the gardens, finish off the day with some local delicacies in dinner.

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