Patan (Gujarat)
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Patan (Gujarat) Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan (Gujarat)

Planning A Trip To Patan (Gujarat)? Here's a snapshot of Patan (Gujarat) weather and the best time to visit Patan (Gujarat)

The weather of Patan can be primarily divided into three major seasons viz, summer, monsoon, and winter. The year starts with the winter season and slowly moves towards the summer. Then, for almost 4 months, the climate of Patan remains hot and dry making things difficult for travelers and locals. Changes in climate again become noticeable at the arrival of the south-west monsoon by the mid of June. Again, after 4 months, the climate changes and the winter season starts. Summer is not the recommended time to visit Patan whereas, winter is the best season for traveling to this majestic city. Here is a small summary of different weather patterns and accordingly you can plan your trip.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Patan (Gujarat) Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan (Gujarat)
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The summer season basically starts from the mid or the end of March and spans till the end of June. The climate remains quite pleasant even in March and early April. So you can still visit the city during this time. But as April progresses, the temperature increases and sores up to 39 °C. The conditions become extremely difficult in May and June and therefore, we do not recommend planning any trip during this time. However, as May and the early days of June are known for being the vacation time in the county, people still visit Patan even when the conditions are tough for sightseeing. It is suggested to bring along some light clothing along with other stuff.


Temperature range: Minimum 28 °C and a maximum of 40 °C

Monsoon (July - October)

Monsoon (July - October):  Patan (Gujarat) Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan (Gujarat)
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The regions in India mostly receive rainfall through the south-west monsoon. Patan is no different. The monsoon typically starts from the mid of June, and at times, by the end of June and lasts until September or early October. The city receives decent rainfall, 250 mm on an average annually. July and August are the two months when the rainfall is the heaviest that covers up the water requirement for the rest of the season. This causes the temperature to drop but the humidity remains. Not many people prefer traveling in these two months, so the city remains less crowded. Still, the city doesn’t lose its charm and remains attractive for anyone willing to travel.

Temperature range: Minimum of 26 °C and a maximum of 34 °C

Winter (November - February)

Winter (November - February):  Patan (Gujarat) Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan (Gujarat)
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The winter season brings the best time for travelers to visit the city. The climate is at its best and therefore the number of tourists visiting Patan shoots up exponentially. It is the best time to explore the rich cultural heritage of this ancient fortified town. The Rani Ki Vav festival celebrated during the month of December becomes the top attraction of the city. The temperature gets as low as 10 °C so don’t forget to pack some woolen clothing in your bag.


Temperature range: Minimum of 12 °C and a maximum of 28 °C

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