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Things To Do In Dwarka

Planning A Trip To Dwarka? Here's our list of top things to do in Dwarka

Dwarka is one of the most ancient cities in India known countrywide as the kingdom of Lord Krishna according to Hindu mythology. The city has its own religious significance and is revered by millions of Hindus worldwide. The city gets inundated by thousands of devotees, especially during the celebration of Janmashtami festival. When devotees travel to this enchanting city, a proper guide can help them make their holiday special. Here we present a list of things that you can do along with visiting the religious spots in Dwarka.

Walk over the Sudama Setu

Walk over the Sudama Setu:  Things To Do In Dwarka
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The Sudama Setu is an astonishing suspension bridge constructed to serve the pedestrians crossing the river Gomti to get connected by the Ancient Dwarkadhish Temple and the sacred Teerth Panchkula. The Sudama Setu is named after a childhood friend of Lord Krishna, Sudama. Excluding the mythological significance, the bridge is famous for a spectacular view of the river. This is a must visit spot in Dwarka especially for witnessing a stunning sunset. The view is just mind-blowingly beautiful.

Admire the View From the Dwarka Lighthouse

Admire the View From the Dwarka Lighthouse:  Things To Do In Dwarka
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The Dwarka lighthouse is one of the major tourist attractions in Dwarka. Though the city consists of many holy temples and sights, Dwarka Lighthouse is another amazing tourist spot, especially for foreign tourists. It is the rich culture of Dwarka which made them flock to the city. The beach and the Lighthouse along the shore of the Arabian Sea are foremost attractions. The lighthouse is located on the Dwarka point, on Dwarka peninsula, and the building from the top servers a scenic panoramic view.  If you want to spend your evening watching a picturesque sunset then the Dwarka lighthouse is definitely an ideal place.

Watch the Flag Change at Dwarkadish Temple

Watch the Flag Change at Dwarkadish Temple:  Things To Do In Dwarka
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Dwarkadish Temple is a prominent tourist spot in Dwarka. It was constructed in the 16th century and is popularly known as the Jagat Temple amongst devotees. This five-storied temple is erected using sand and limestone and is about 71 m in height. The south entrance of the temple is popularly known as the 'Swarga Dwara' and it opens towards the river Gomati, where devotees bathe before entering the sacred temple. The primary deity in the temple is Lord Dwarkadish or Lord Krishna as the King of Dwarka.


Do not forget to witness the 52-yard flag change event in the Dwarkadhish temple. This happens 5 times in a day. It is a delightful sight to watch it change thrice in the morning and twice in the evening. You can use any public transportation such as auto rickshaws, buses, auto rickshaws, or even cycle rickshaws for traveling to this holy place within the city.

Camel Ride on the Bank of Gomati River

Camel Ride on the Bank of Gomati River:  Things To Do In Dwarka
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The bank of Gomti river is filled with temples and ghats, whereas, the other side is a sandy patch with a small beach next to it. You can enjoy a camel ride on either side of the Gomti river. On the ghat side, the camel walks right next to the river. On the other side of the river, there are 5 sweet water wells that are thought to be the 5 rivers brought here by 5 rishis as per the Hindu mythology. The names of the 5 rivers and rishis are mentioned on the small boards next to these wells. Presently you will see two small temples dedicated to Laxmi Narayan and Ambaji. Another exciting spot for tourists.

Astonishing Sunset at the Dwarka Beach

Astonishing Sunset at the Dwarka Beach:  Things To Do In Dwarka
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The topmost place to witness the sunset in Dwarka is at the Badkeshwar Mahadev Mandir. This is an ancient temple located at a place which was considered to be an island in the historical days. Take a walk to this temple and have a sublime view of the sunset on the beach. the sunset is beautiful and when you look back at Dwarka City from here, you can see the city on the rocks. At some places, locals have made a cave-like way through the rocks and it feels as if the city is gnawing the rocks of Dwarka. It is a popular tourist place visited by numerous tourists in Dwarka enlightened with beauty and satisfaction, especially during the sunset. Most importantly, Dwarka Beach is very clean, which makes it even more attractive.

Holy Bath at the Gomti Sangam Ghat

Holy Bath at the  Gomti Sangam Ghat:  Things To Do In Dwarka
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Situated at a distance of 3 km from Dwarka railway station, Gomti Sangam Ghat is a sacred bathing Ghat in Dwarka. It is located on the bank of River Gomti just behind the Dwarkadhish temple. The Ghat is about 100 m away from the Dwarkadhish temple which draws the pilgrims towards it to have a Bath as it is believed that Lord Krishna used to bathe at this holy ghat. Devotees do it to attain salvation and peace. It is said that devotees should first bathe at this ghat before entering the Dwarkadish temple especially, the south side of it which is known as the Gate of Heaven.

Explore the Beauty of Beyt Dwarka

Explore the Beauty of Beyt Dwarka:  Things To Do In Dwarka
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No trip to Dwarka is complete without a visit to Beyt Dwarka. This place has its own mythological importance to several Hindu devotees. It is said that Sudama, the childhood friend of Lord Krishna, offered the sweet dish "Kheer" to Him. Therefore, this place holds great value for all devotees of Lord Krishna. It is basically situated on the Ojha port. There's a small temple just a few minutes away from the seashore. On reaching the Okha port, you have to travel by boat to a small island. Then, you have to walk for about 1 km to reach the temple.


It is suggested to visit this place during the evening time to avoid sunstrokes on a bright sunny day. You will have to travel for 30 minutes in the open boat to reach the island, so evening time is recommended. The ferry will charge INR 20 per head so it isn't that expensive, whereas the private boat will cost you around INR 3000. 

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