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Things To Do In Somnath

Planning A Trip To Somnath? Here's our list of top things to do in Somnath

Being a holy place, the town of Somnath in Gujarat has many things to offer if you want to attain salvation and are looking for peace. Although the city is primarily famous for its temple, there are still many things you can do within proximity to Somnath; like spend a wonderful vacation by the beaches of Diu or visit the many museums nearby. Let’s quickly go through some of them.

Visit Sacred Temples

Visit Sacred Temples:  Things To Do In Somnath
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The city of Somnath has numerous temples which are considered sacred. Thousands of Hindus visit Somnath every year to pay homage to some of the finest temples in India. The Somnath Temple, being the most famous, is visited by millions that get charmed by its history and richness. The other sacred temples that can be visited are Suraj Mandir, Balakh Tirth, Ahilyabai Temple, Somnath Mahadev Temple, Panch Pandav Cave, and Triveni Ghat. Simply peaceful!

Thrilling Jeep Safari

Thrilling Jeep Safari:  Things To Do In Somnath
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Not too far away from Somnath city, Jeep Safari in Sasan Gir is the next big thing. At just about 50 km from the town, you get an opportunity of a lifetime to sight some of the rarest species of big cats, the Asiatic Lions and other fine creatures of nature. It’s just amazing to come face-to-face with these animals and unlock the next level of excitement when you see endangered lions and other animals in their natural habitat.

Museums and Forts

Museums and Forts:  Things To Do In Somnath
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Know more about the splendid history of Somnath temple by visiting the Prabhas Patan Museum. The historic remains of the stones and idols will tell you more about the glorious past and the chain of events that occurred in the 12th Century. It is believed that the Shah of Ghazni, Mahmud, entered this town to plunder the magnificent Somnath Temple and raze it to the ground through the Junagadh Gate. The gate, therefore, has a fair amount of historic significance. So when you enter the city from Veraval, you enter through the same Junagadh Gate. This triple-gate ancient structure dates back to more than a thousand centuries. Most of it, including the walls of the fort, has been pulled down but still, the Junagadh Gate remains and appears very striking. The exquisite carvings on the Junagadh Gate are indeed quite remarkable and anybody who happens to pass by will admire the carvings of the Junagadh Gate.

Explore the Devalia Safari Park

Explore the Devalia Safari Park:  Things To Do In Somnath
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At a driving distance of 1 hour and 15 minutes, the Devalia Safari Park is another exciting spot to be at. Full of thrills and some breathtaking views of the animals in their natural habitat is just astounding. If you are a wildlife lover and enjoy photography, don’t miss visiting this place. Lions, leopards, hyenas, and other famous animals can be sighted easily. Book a jeep safari and enjoy a full day ride of bewilderment.

Shop at the Local Bazaar

Shop at the Local Bazaar:  Things To Do In Somnath
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Wondering what you can purchase in Somnath? The local Somnath bazaar will show you the way. If you can get some time out of your busy schedule, Shopping in Somnath would mesmerize you for sure by the variety of things on offer. The shops in Somnath bazaar have some interesting articles of different price ranges up for grabs. Besides the usual religious sightseeing, you can pick a thing or two that catches your fancy. Near the holy places, you can buy some religious articles along with stuff that you will love to purchase including animal trappings, marriage costumes, wall hangings, quilts, and cradle clothes. Many of these are appliqued, embroidered, and decorated with beadwork. In quite a few of these items, you would also see beautiful adornments that make use of mirrors, buttons, shells, and sequins.

Enjoy the Beaches

Enjoy the Beaches:  Things To Do In Somnath
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Just before you say adios to Somnath, spending some time on the beaches will give a perfect end to your spiritual trip. Somnath being a coastal town, there are many beautiful beaches that will rejuvenate your mind with freshness and amusement. A captivating escape into the calmness of nature, Somnath Beach is a perfect stop for peace lovers. The cool sea breeze can soothe any tired soul and bring him home with a splendid blend of devotion and the sight of unending boundaries of the sea.

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