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Bhuj Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhuj

Planning A Trip To Bhuj? Here's a snapshot of Bhuj weather and the best time to visit Bhuj

Bhuj is one of the top tourist destinations in Gujarat. The city is famous for its historic architectures, amazing temples built in the past, and splendid city life. The elevation of Bhuj is about 360 ft. To the east of Bhuj lies the Bhujiyo Dungar that has the famous Bhujiya Fort. It separates Bhuj from the Madhapur town. The weather of Bhuj is hot and humid most of the year. The summer season is the toughest whereas the winter season is the most favorable time to visit the city. Let’s discuss the major seasons and how the weather behaves in each season.

Summer (March – June)

Summer (March – June):  Bhuj Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhuj
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Like most of the western part of India, Bhuj also has one of the toughest summers in the country. the season starts from March and starts to get hotter from the mid of April and gets hottest in May and June. These are seriously tough conditions as the temperature can go up to 42 - 44 °C. Therefore, we do not recommend planning any trip during this time of the year as sightseeing becomes difficult. However, due to vacations, many people still visit Bhuj as discounts on hotels and traveling is higher than any other season due to less crowd.


Temperature Range: Minimum 25 °C and a max of 42 °C.

Monsoon (July – October)

Monsoon (July – October):  Bhuj Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhuj
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The monsoon season starts from the month of July and stretches till the end of September or mid of October. Monsoon brings some comfort to locals and travelers as the temperature drops making conditions for visiting somewhat favorable. The temperature is still humid and if it doesn’t rain for weeks humidity increases, but still better than the summer season. Annually, Bhuj gets 250 mm of rainfall which is better than other regions considering it is surrounded by a desert. Due to decent rainfall, if you are visiting Bhuj during the monsoon, carry umbrellas and raincoats to avoid inconvenience.


Temperature Range: Minimum 24 °C and a max of 36 °C.

Winter (November – February)

Winter (November – February):  Bhuj Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhuj
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The best time to visit Bhuj is during the winter season as the climate at this time is at its most pleasant. The city experiences moderate weather and due to this, the sightseers can have a comfortable and convenient trip and can enjoy visiting its top tourist spots. The winters are not too chilly and have a pleasant climate throughout the winter season. They usually start from November and span till February or early March. This is also the time to witness the magical Rann Mahotsav. Carry woolen clothes during this time.


Temperature Range: Minimum 11 °C and a max of 28 °C.

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