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Planning A Trip To Bhilai? Here's our list of top things to do in Bhilai

Bhilai, a city in Chhattisgarh in the Durg district is one of the most populated cities in the state. Known for the Bhilai Steel Plant, this city is known for the manufacturing of steel, but at the same time there are a lot more things to see and do. From temples, to gardens, to recreational picnic spots in front of waterfalls, Bhilai is a conglomeration of modernization and ancient relics. The city has its natural beauty with numerous waterfalls for relaxation as well as it has an industrial side to it where tons and tons of steel are produced for the use of making different products throughout the country. Not sure what to do in the city? Below are some of the top things to do in Bhilai that should help you plan your trip better.

Relax at Hajra

Relax at Hajra:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Like we said earlier, Bhiali is not only known for its massive steel plant but also has a lot of natural beauty. Covered by a thick expanse of greenery is a place a little away from the city known as Hajra; this place is famous for a beautiful waterfall and an area where one can enjoy some relaxing time. Etched on a hill is a beautiful waterfall that fall into a lake which can be used to swim and play around with family. Beside these falls you can also sit back and relax and simply enjoy the moment. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoons when the waterfall is in full bloom.

Rejuvenate at Damdha

Rejuvenate at Damdha:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Located nearly 30 km from the main city of Bhilai is a place called Damdha. This place is dotted with natural beauty and also houses an ancient fort with a temple in the vicinity. The temple is ancient, but is revered by many pilgrims who go there. Along with the serene beauty the place has to offer, there are many modern amenities for people who are visiting; there are several hotels, restaurants and other things for people to explore when they visit this place. Along with several hills, there are small waterfalls that come alive even more during the rainy season, making it a great spot for families to sit back and enjoy. Take a day trip to Damdha to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a calming day.

Visit Temples in Narpura

Visit Temples in Narpura:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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If you are looking for more temples in Bhilai, the best place to visit is Narpura which is a few kilometers from Bhilai. This place is famous for various Jain temples that are visited by several Jain as well as pilgrims from other faiths. One of the most famous temples in Narpura is the Parshwanath Tirth Temple; a place of high religious significance. It was built almost 3000 years ago and is revered by locals as well as tourists alike. Other than this Jain temple, there are several other Hindu and Jain temples that are established in Narpura and are absolutely worth a visit.

Spend a Day at Tandula

Spend a Day at Tandula:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Take a feel of the city for what it is; venture on a journey to Tandula falls which takes about one hour by bike or car to explore the magnificence of nature. With mesmerizing landscapes and a thick expanse of forest surrounding it, the Tandula falls is quite famous amongst tourists visiting as well as locals residing close to it. This is must do picnic spot for nature lovers; sit back and relax amidst the lovely gushing water and enjoy the scenic view the place has to offer to have a peaceful experience. You can visit this place in the monsoons as well as the summers when the sun is scorching and you need a place to chill.

Experience Art at Nehru Art Gallery

Experience Art at Nehru Art Gallery:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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If you have had enough of nature and temples and are interested in absorbing some history and art, head over to the Nehru Art Gallery in the city. Established in 1992, the Nehru Art Gallery exhibits a plethora of artistic creations from ancient times to the present day. The Gallery was built to promote young talent and is now a platform for young talented artists to exhibit their work to the people. You can find various paintings, sculptures, textile paintings, photographs and various other artistic things in the gallery. This place is amusing for people who are interested in art and history and is definitely a must visit.

Visit St Vincent Pallotti Church

Visit St Vincent Pallotti Church:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Located near Bhillai, close to Raipur is St Vincent Palloti, an ancient church that was built in the Bhillai region a long time ago. Established in the year 1965, this church is significant amongst people of all faiths, especially Catholics. The structure is made in a very simple manner and is considered to be a very peaceful place of worship. The community taking care of the parish as well as coming in to pray are mixed in ethnicity; you can find communities of Anglo-Indians, Tamil, Telegu as well as tribal people. If you are looking to visit places of worship that have different faith, visit this parish along with other Hindu and Jain Temples in the vicinity.

Observe Snakes at Python Forest

Observe Snakes at Python Forest:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Chhattisgarh as a state has several wildlife sanctuaries that must be visited by all nature lovers, but Bhilai has something special; the Python Forest, a tiny wildlife sanctuary in the city that primarily houses rescued snakes. The southern part of Bhilai has a high population of snakes like common krait, branded krait, spectacle cobra and Russell viper and also during 2014, several other species of snakes were also found in the region. When people see venomous snakes they often fear a bite and pursue killing the creature, but the authorities of the python forest strive to save the species and put them in a place that they can call home without getting harmed. The Python Forest is a must visit for every reptile lover.

Play Cricket at Jayanti Stadium

Play Cricket at Jayanti Stadium:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Situated in Indra Place in Bhilai is a famous multi-purpose stadium by the name of Jayanti Stadium. This stadium is the heart of all athletic activities in the city; as a tourist you can always go to the stadium for morning walks or runs and you can take your children out there to play a game of Frisbee or cricket as well. Sometimes there are tournaments that are held and you can sit on the seats of the stadium and see several hockey and cricket matches. The stadium is usually a famous landmark that anyone in the city will recognize. The best time to go to the stadium is in the morning if you are going for a morning walk or you can see if there are any games scheduled, if you’d like to watch one.

Pray at Jagganath Mandir

Pray at Jagganath Mandir:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Located few kilometers from Bhilai is the Jagganath Mandir which is highly respected and revered by locals as well as tourists coming into the city. Located within a beautiful temple complex, this structure has its own magnificence. The temple is characterized by its peaceful and green surroundings that give pilgrims a chance to feel nature as well as pray to the almighty. The best time visit this temple is during the famous Rath festival that is celebrated with much fervor at this temple. During this famous festival, children as well as adults pull the Rath with an idol of Lord Jagganath in it along with the temple being beautifully decorated.

See the Pioneers’ Monument

See the Pioneers’ Monument:  Things To Do In Bhilai
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Located close to Civic Center in Bhlai is an iconic monument called Pioneers’ Monument. This monument is considered iconic as it is dedicated to the pioneers of the steel industry in Bhilai who helped the country build the Bhilai Steel Plant even after facing opposition from USSR. This monument signifies a truce between the two countries and its soldiers and the amount of work put in by the pioneers to make SAIL what it is today. Visit this monument to get more history on the manufacturing of steel in Bhilai and how it has come about to be the biggest steel plant in India.

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