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Igatpuri Weather And Best Time To Visit Igatpuri

Planning A Trip To Igatpuri? Here's a snapshot of Igatpuri weather and the best time to visit Igatpuri

Igatpuri is an idyllic hill town that lies at an altitude of about 600 m above msl. Filled with lush greenery, made most picture perfect with waterfalls and mountain brooks that tumble merrily over the rocks, Igatpuri is a charming place for nature lovers and adventurists to spend a holiday in. The hill station is surrounding by high mountain peaks of the Western Ghats most of which have ancient forts built on them. There are temples to be visited, river valleys to be explored, peaks to be trekked to and waterfalls to be photographed and for enjoying a perfect sightseeing trip you need the best seasons that are unhindered by the vagaries of weather.


Tourists could visit Igatpuri any time of the year, considering that it’s a hill station, but the best times of the year are the monsoon and winter months. Read on to know why.

Summer (March - May)

Summer (March - May):  Igatpuri Weather And Best Time To Visit Igatpuri
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Summers are not as hot as it is in the plains, and if you do not mind a temperature that hovers about 36°C you can visit Igatpuri during the summer months that commence in the month of March and last till the end of May. Summers are off season, but many people head to Igatpuri to throw off the heat of the cities. But the days are hot and dry and it is best you venture out to explore the hill station early in the mornings or in the evenings. The nights are cooler comparatively and you could have a good time camping out under the stars.


Some of the best places you can visit during summer are the Amruteshwara and Ghatandevi temples and the Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy Centre. You can go on short trekking trips or go for a drive to the quaint towns in the neighborhood. Wear light summer clothes and carry plenty of water.

Monsoon (June - September)

Monsoon (June - September):  Igatpuri Weather And Best Time To Visit Igatpuri
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Igatpuri is verily known as the place of fog. Come monsoon, the undulating mountain tops turn a misty white standing out most remarkably from the emerald green of the forested slopes. The waterfalls and brooks get engorged with the monsoon rains and are so magical to look at, what with the overcast dark skies, the green of the hills and valleys and the silvery white of the streams! The best places to visit in Igatpuri are the river valleys and the waterfalls.


But up in Igatpuri, the monsoon showers are moderate to very heavy, with occasional thundershowers and windy days and you might find travel and sightseeing a tad difficult. Keep an umbrella and a raincoat handy, with sensible footwear that would not skid on the muddy paths made wet with the rains.

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Igatpuri Weather And Best Time To Visit Igatpuri
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Winters are the most ideal times to visit the hill station. The waterfalls and streams are full after the rains, the birds migrate in for the lovely weather and the days are breezy and utmost pleasant and green. Tourists prefer the cool winter months for a day’s trip or a weekend holiday to wind down amongst the agreeable landscape of Igatpuri. There are several hills around Igatpuri that beckon for long trekking tours and water sports and camping tours find winter the most favorable times of the year.


Plan a winter trip to explore Igatpuri to your heart’s content. Located so close to Mumbai, Igatpuri is one of the best places for a quick and idyllic holiday during the winters. Igatpuri does not turn very cold in winters, so you could wear practical winter wear.

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