Tadoba Tiger Reserve
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Tadoba Tiger Reserve Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Tadoba Tiger Reserve? Here's a detailed Tadoba Tiger Reserve tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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Best Months To Visit:
November to February
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Dr Babasaheb International Airport (133 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Chandrapur Railway Station (35 kms)

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), the oldest and the biggest National Park of the state of Maharashtra, is prominent as one of the best Tiger Reserves of India with a high probability of finding tigers. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is located in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra. The Reserve is a lush, densely forested and hilly landscape that attracts tourists over the year for its wild species of flora and fauna, including the big carnivores, mammals including the massive Indian Gaur, reptiles, insects like beetles, bugs and butterflies, arachnids, and several species of birds. Tadoba gets its name from the village headman Taro who was killed in a defensive against a tiger and ended up having a small shrine built for him near a river in the Reserve.


The Reserve which has a luxuriant and unique eco system and is bequeathed with a rich bio diversity of life forms offers guided safaris into the core and buffer zones of the Park which is one of the best wildlife experiences that a tourist could get. Verily called the Jewel of Vidharba, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is a magnificent world of nature at its best.


If you would love to exult in the diverse wildlife forms of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, our travel and tourism guide should help you plan a good trip.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Tourism And Travel Guide
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Tadoba Tiger Reserve has good access by air, rail or road. All said, the ideal way to reach the Reserve would be by rail.


By Air:

Tadoba Reserve does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Dr. Babasaheb International Airport at Nagpur that caters to domestic flights from many cities across the country. Book a cab from Nagpur Airport to the Reserve.


By Rail:

The nearest railhead is the Chandrapur Railway Station that has trains chugging in from most cities and towns across the country. From the railway station, book a cab to the Reserve.


By Road:

Apart from driving to the Reserve, you could travel by bus to Chandrapur that has bus services from cities like Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Nagpur. From Chandrapur bus stand you could board a bus that travels to the Reserve.


Getting Around:

Private vehicles are allowed into the Park, with additional fees and a local guide. But the most popular are the gypsy car and mini bus safaris into the core areas as well as the buffer zones.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Tourism And Travel Guide
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Tadoba Tiger Reserve is appreciative of all seasons, either summer, monsoon or the winters. Every season has its own specialty, be it watching the tigers or photographing the birds. But the ideal season for unhindered travel is probably the winters.


Summer (March – May):

Summers are hot and dry, but they are a good time to watch the tigers, sambars or the birds at the lakes. It is an ideal time for photography as the skies are clear and bright.


Monsoon (June – October):

Monsoon turns the landscape magical with the raindrops pattering down the leaves and the climate all cool and soft. But travel and sightseeing is cumbersome and safaris are offered only for the buffer zones.


Winter (November – February):

Winters are breezy and chill and peak tourist seasons. It’s an ideal time for machan watch, bicycle safaris and photography.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Tourism And Travel Guide
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To watch the Tigers:

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is one of the most popular Reserves in India that promises to be a tiger centric zone. Go on a safari into the Reserve to watch the tigers at close quarters.


Boat Rides:

Sail across the Irai Lake to watch the colors of the setting sun on the waters, or the birds and animals out for a drink at the eaters’ edge.


Platform on the Trees:

Spend a beautiful summer or winter morning, sitting up on a machan, sipping at a piping hot chai and watch the animals at the rivers or a tiger stalking its prey!


Tadoba Lake’s bird watching tour:

Grab a camera and binoculars and spend a blissful morning by the Irai Lake or the Tadoba Lake watching the birds. It’s a treat to watch the animals hunt or romp by the river side. If you are visiting Chandrapur, Junona Lake is yet another charming place that attracts birds and avid bird watchers.


Unwinding in a Park:

Chill out with the family in the gardens of Chandrapur. Chandrapur is the gateway to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and enroute, you could halt at Chandrapur and do a whole lot of sightseeing.


Tribal Tour:

Several tribal settlements around the Tadoba Tiger Reserve offer an enriching experience of learning how the tribals live and work. Join a tribal family for lunch or explore the forests with a tribal guide!


Black Gold City:

Renowned for its rich deposits of coal and minerals, Chandrapur is known as the black gold city. Home to very ancient forms of natural life, Chandrapur’s antiquity finds indication in the Rock Museum.


Hinganghat Pandurang Statue:

Drive to the city of Hinganghat in Wardha, which houses one of the tallest Pandurang statues in the world, and the exquisitely designed Vimalnath Jain Glass Temple, with decorations made in glass.


Wild Waterfalls and a picnic:

If you would love a wild, hidden waterfall with a pool at the bottom head off to the picturesque little town of Ramdegi near Chimur. Hidden by high boulders on all sides, the pool is a blissful place for a quiet swim.


Cuisine:  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Tourism And Travel Guide
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No journey to Tadoba seems to be complete without a taste of the gastronomic delicacies of Nagpur nearby. A breakfast of poha with a generous serving of terri, onions and a dash of lime, tandoori rotis with dhal, samosas, thali peeth, puran poli, jhunka and jowar bhakari are must tries.


The Saoji food of the Halba Koshti tribes of Vidharbha are renowned for their spicy flavors. There are a number of eateries around Nagpur where you could sink your teeth into the local dishes of Saoji. Other dishes you could relish are kebabs, bhajiyas, biryanis and sone rolls or Santra barfis.


Shopping:  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Tourism And Travel Guide
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Tadoba is primarily a nature zone and does not have a lot of shopping designs. But Tadoba’s tribal handicrafts are popular and you would find some street stalls selling unique tribal craftwork. Some of the most trendy things you can buy in the neighborhood of Tadoba Tiger Reserve are the paintings and handicrafts of the tribals like the Gonds who are skilled craftsmen.


You could buy bamboo, wood and metal products like baskets, lampshades, flower vases and kitchen ware. Some of the most ethnic tribal stuff you could buy are wooden combs, bamboo bottles and mats. If you are visiting Nagpur, buy oranges, handicrafts, Kolhapuri chappals and clothes.

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