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Nagpur Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Nagpur? Here's a detailed Nagpur tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
30° C / 86° F
Current Conditions:
Best Months To Visit:
October to February
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport (8 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
(1 kms)

Nagpur is a major city in the Vidharbha region that lies in the north eastern part of the state of Maharashtra in India. Vidharbha is known for its lush and verdant forested regions that are abundantly endowed with a variety of flora and fauna and a number of Tiger Reserves.


Nagpur, predominantly known as the City of Oranges, is the most prominent tourist zone of Vidharbha, for the city is a land of ancient monuments and temples like the Dheekshabhoomi, the largest hollowed Buddhist Stupa in the world, the Karpur Baoli temples at Ramtek and a plethora of artificial and natural lakes and streams like the pristine Ambazari Lake and Raibasa Dam.


Nagpur is an idyllic place for pilgrims and tourists who love to spend a holiday in the midst of nature and wildlife. If you are planning to visit Nagpur, our travel guide should help you plan a good trip and explore tourism prospects at there fullest.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Nagpur Tourism And Travel Guide
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Nagpur has an efficient transport system and is easily accessible by air, rail or road. The easiest way to reach the city would perhaps be by air.


By Air:

Dr. Babasaheb International Airport at Nagpur has flights to most cities on the domestic sector. The city caters to flights to Doha, Bangkok, Dubai and Sharjah as well.


By Rail:

Nagpur at the epicenter of India has railway tracks that cross over to the east, west, north and south of India at the popular Diamond Crossing. The city has trains chugging in from major cities across the country.


By Road:

There are private and state owned buses that ply to Nagpur from neighboring cities and states. You could also drive to Nagpur from Pune, Mumbai or even Kolkata.


Getting Around:

There are regular local buses for getting around town. There are metro trains as well, apart from the customary auto rickshaws and taxis. You can also hire a scooty or a motorbike.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Nagpur Tourism And Travel Guide
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Nagpur has tropical climates with hot summers and rainy monsoons. The most perfect time for a visit would be from October to February.


Summer (March - June):

Summers are very hot and humid, though nights could be cooler. Nagpur’s oranges are ready for harvest by February and March. Summers are not very touristy months. 


Monsoon (July - September):

There are moderate to very heavy rains during the monsoon months and although the landscape does turn grassy and green, travel might be a bit bothersome.


Winter (October - February):

Winters are pleasant and lovely, with mild sunny days and cool nights. These are the ideal months for sightseeing, bird watching and exploring the countryside.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Nagpur Tourism And Travel Guide
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Trekking Trails:

Wooded and dense forested regions around Nagpur are the perfect trekking trails for a weekend trip. Put on your trekking shoes, get suitable seasonal clothing, water bottles and you are ready for a forest trek.


Birds of Nagpur:

Nagpur’s lakes and wetlands are breeding and nesting sites for a multitude of birds. The best season to watch the birds are from October to February, though you would find pratincoles and plovers in summers, too.


Adventure Sports:

Khindsi Lake near Nagpur promises a relaxed lake side trip as well as several adventurous sports on water. One of the most promising and beautiful lakes of Nagpur, the Khindsi lake is a must visit.


Parks and Greens:

Check out the wild regions of Nagpur that have been converted into bio diversity parks and are home to a multitude of birds and animals species.


Narrow Gauge Rail Museum:

The Narrow Gauge Rail Museum has a unique collection of rare stamps and displays hand lamps, old steam engines, signaling equipment etc. You could have a joy ride on a toy train that goes round the museum.


Off on Heritage Walks:

Go ahead and tour through the big city of Nagpur with a group of compatible people who are interested in history, culture or food.


Where the Five Rivers Meet:

Visit the river town of Ambhora that has ancient and popular Shiv temples on the other side of the river bank. A trip to Ambhora is a perfect getaway for a day’s excursion.


Gardens and Lakes:

Go on a tonga ride along the Futala Lake Garden or watch the musical fountain at Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden. With umpteen numbers of parks and gardens in Nagpur, there’s never an idle moment.


Satpura Botanical Gardens:

Visit the Satpura Botanical Gardens which is a favorite spot for bird enthusiasts as well as people who love gardening and greenery. Check out the rare species of plants and learn about tree architecture and regeneration.


Tiger Reserves:

One of the most popular Tiger Reserves of Maharashtra, the Bor Tiger Reserve is a must visit. There are safaris into the Reserve, where there are ample opportunities of spotting the big cats, apart from a multitude of birds. Wake up to the cry of peacocks and the growl of a tiger at sundown.


Cuisine:  Nagpur Tourism And Travel Guide
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Nagpur’s specialty is the Saoji or Varhadi cuisine of the Savji community. The dishes are a spicy and delicious blend of a variety of spices that include generous amounts of black pepper, bay leaves, cloves and cardamom. Some of the traditional local cuisine that you would probably never want to miss is the spicy chicken, pohe that is usually served for breakfast and Zunka Bhakar or pancakes of Vidharba region.


More delicacies include sun dried sandage that is served with vegetable with roti and pitla bhajri. There are a number of street food stalls where you could buy yourself plates of deliciously hot patodis with Kadhi, tarri pohe or spicy samosas or with puran poli, gulab jamuns, jelabis, Santra or orange barfis or moong dhal halwa that’s a specialty of Monimpura, for dessert.


Shopping:  Nagpur Tourism And Travel Guide
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Visit the weaving centers of Monimpura where you could learn about weaves as well as buy the traditional 9 yard Kashta saris of Maharashtra. There are a number of places in Nagpur where you could indulge in street shopping, with bargain sales. You could buy silk, tissue or brocaded materials for blouses or opt for readymade ones with halter necks being some of the most popular.


You could also purchase antique metal handicrafts, a variety of silk and cotton saris, conch and shell bangles, designer jewelry as well as ancient coins, Kolhapure chappals, and designer bags, all kinds of electronic stuff, exotic fruits and snacks.

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