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Things To Do In Nagpur

Planning A Trip To Nagpur? Here's our list of top things to do in Nagpur

Nagpur is quite a large city and if you are planning to stay in for a few days, there are innumerable things that you could do in the city of oranges. There are several places that have a unique and charming landscape, like the nature parks and sanctuaries, manmade and natural lakes and hillocks that are ideal for long hikes and camps under star lit skies.


Not very far away from Nagpur are charming waterfalls like the Kukri Khapa and Ghogra or ancient unknown temples at Salbardi. It’s a lovely feeling to go off on long picnics to offbeat places where you could sit with a team and cook your own food out in the open. Nagpur, as you will discover has such lovely spots where you could have a great time.


We will tell you of most interesting things you can do while in Nagpur.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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Nagpur has not many hilly regions but there are off center destinations like Khekrenala on the banks of the Lake Khekrenala that is a great spot for some trekking and jungle safaris. Maitreban Bore Dam surrounded by teak plantations and the Zilpi Irrigation Lake is yet another cool place for treks and nature walks.


Mogarkasa forest near Ramtek has more trekking trails that are best suited for long pleasant winter days. The monsoon rains that have turned the wooded regions a dense green and luxuriant, add to the charm of the trails. There are easy to moderate trekking trails around Nagpur and winters are the best seasons to backpack off on a hike across the countryside.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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Ramtek - Chorbawli on the Khindsi backwaters about 50 km from Nagpur has nature trails that are the most ideal paths for avid bird watchers to spot a variety of birds. About 350 species of birds have been identified in Nagpur and chances are that you would find a good number of birds around Ambazari Lake and garden, where you’d find paradise flycatchers in summer and peacocks in monsoon.


Chargaon lake (40 km) and Degma forest (30 km) are where you would find Curlew sandpipers, Blue rock thrush, Crested bunting, Black Storks and Kentish plovers. Arm yourself with a camera, binoculars, a water bottle and patience as you wait for sighting a bird. Telhara and Dahegaon lakes are other significant water bodies predominantly known for bird sightings.

Water Sports

Water Sports:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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There are numerous lakes and backwaters that offer ideal water adventurous for the sport enthusiast. The Khindsi Lake near Ramtek has organized water sport adventures offered for tourists. There are basic boating facilities as well as cool grassy river banks to relax in if you are not for a trip across the lake.


There are water scooters, speed boats, banana boats, paddle or motor boats as well as zorbing for the more adventurous tourists. Surrounded by hills, the Khindsi Lake is a picturesque spot for photography as well. Ambazari Lake on the south west of Nagpur, is yet another charming lake for boat rides.

Gorewada Biodiversity Park

Gorewada Biodiversity Park:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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Gorewada Biodiversity Park and Ambazari Biodiversity Park are regions rich in biodiversity and have ample spaces for nature walks and quiet evening walks as well. The Biodiversity Parks have a plethora of flora and fauna as well as lakes that are home to a multitude of water birds and fishes.


The wooded shrub lands have wild boars, monkeys, deer and an occasional carnivore, like a leopard. The parks are the natural home of a variety of small wild birds and tourists who are passionate about bird watching would find a visit to the parks very interesting.


Museums:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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To get an insight into the history and cultures of a country, you wouldn’t find a better way than a visit to a museum. Nagpur has several interesting galleries that you might like to visit with friends and family.


The South Central Zone Cultural Centre which is the in house for cultural events, music concerts and exhibitions held in Nagpur, has an authentic rural, heritage setting that gives a local flavor to tourism. Children would find the Raman Science Centre interesting, for the Centre affiliated to the Nehru Science Centre of Mumbai has a Planetarium, Pre Historic Animal Park, 3-D Science Film Shows et al.

Heritage Walks

Heritage Walks:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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There are various organizations in Nagpur that hold regular heritage walks that you can join in upon prior intimation. Nagpur is a region of a vast and rich historical and cultural heritage and it would always help if you could join a walk along the path of history with an informative walk leader.


There are festive visits like a walk through the traditional Ramzan Mela, with its unique shopping stalls and the sari weaving centers of Monimpura, cultural trips to the Central museum or Raman Science Centre or the ancient monuments of Markandeo and palaces that stand as mute relics of the past as well. A Heritage Walk is THE thing to do here.

Along the Gardens

Along the Gardens:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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Nagpur has a number of places that are ideally suitable for a pleasant quiet evening. You can spend a travel weary sundown or an early summer morning at one of these gardens. The Sakkardara Lake Garden on the banks of the lake Sakkardara is suitable for a relaxed stroll along the river bank.


The Japanese Rose Garden near the Seminary Hills is also perfect for a well needed break. Go for a long drive at Ambazari T-Point near the city’s largest lake, the Ambazari. Check out the hotspots of Nagpur where you could hang out with friends or family, dine out at the lake side restaurants or go for a stroll on the botanical gardens.

Seminary Hill

Seminary Hill:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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One of the hottest places of Nagpur, that’s the in thing for locals as well as tourists out in need of a short break, is the Seminary Hill that gets its name from the Seminary of St. Charles. The Seminary Hill is a hillock which offers a wide open expanse of trodden footpaths which is a favorite for morning walkers and joggers.


The Japanese Garden at the foot of the hillock, the Satpura Botanical Gardens and the ancient and renowned Telankhedi Hanuman temple located on the plains of the hillock are must visits. Seminary Hill is about 6 km from Nagpur.

Bor Tiger Reserve

Bor Tiger Reserve:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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Bor Tiger Reserve is located as one among the natural habitats of the Bengal Tigers in Maharashtra, including Pench Tiger Reserve, Nagzira Navegaon Tiger Reserve, Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The western parts of Bor Tiger Reserve lie in Wardha district while the eastern parts are located in Nagpur.


Bor Tiger Reserve has tigers, leopards, bison, sloth bears, monkeys, and species of deer, wild boars and wild dogs and reptiles, apart from about 170 species of endemic and migratory birds. Tourists can visit the Bor Tiger Reserve as well as the Bor Dam and Buddha Vihar near the Reserve. Bor Tiger Reserve is about 63 km from Nagpur.

Ambhora- the riverside village

Ambhora- the riverside village:  Things To Do In Nagpur
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A quaint little village, about 64 km from Nagpur is Ambhora. The village is ideal for a day’s drive from Nagpur and it’s quite a lovely region where the five rivers of Wainganga, Kolari, Murza, Amba and Kanhan rivers conflux in a sangam. Beyond the rivers are the ancient Chaitanyeshwar Shiv temple which can be accessed by a bridge across the waters.


Beyond the Shiv temple are the Ambatithak Buddha Vihar and Tinpati Maharaj Ashram. The region gets busy and wakes up to activity during festive seasons especially on Mondays and Mahashivratri. The rivers might be flooded during the monsoons, you might prefer going to the river during the winters. The region is blissful and ideal for photography.

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