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Things To Do In Nashik

Planning A Trip To Nashik? Here's our list of top things to do in Nashik

Nashik has a beautiful climate, with undulating terrains that have pinnacles, ruined forts and picturesque landscapes that are suitable for adventure sports like trekking or rock climbing or even for a quiet idyllic session of photography or camping out under the stars. Apart from temples and forts that the ancient city possesses, there are huge dams built over gushing mountain rivers as well as waterfalls, nature reserves and sanctuaries that are so touristy and reveal the natural bounties of the historical city.


There are umpteen number of fascinating things that you can do in Nashik to remember your trip by, and we’ll tell you about some of the best among them.

Nature Conservation Zones

Nature Conservation Zones:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Nashik is a region that is rich in ecological biodiverse zones. There are a number of conservation reserves maintained by the forest department and Nashik’s Nature Conservation Society that are the most ideal places to be amongst wild nature and observe the region’s flora and fauna. Some of them are trekking trails too, that add more worth to your trips.


Borgad, a forest division of east Nashik said to be the first conservative reserve in Maharashtra, Ramshej Fort, Arjun Sagar and Hathgad Fort, Hatti Adventure Zone and Dhodap Fort are popular vacation and trekking and animal watching spots for nature lovers. Most of them have tourist guides, Nature Information Centres, dormitories for a stay and restaurants as well.


Boating:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Sitting on the banks of the River Godavari, Nashik has some sparkling streams and lakes where one could go on a boating ride. It’s one of the most perfect ways to revel in the beauties of nature, what with several water birds to watch not to mention the beautiful sunrise and sunset.


Arjun Sagar dam in Kalwan Taluk of Nashik offers boat rides across the pristine river. It’s ideal to spend a pleasant evening sailing along the river, with a hot cup of chai and vada pav after a sail. There are observation centres, pagodas and pathways where you can go for a stroll. Someshwara temple on the banks of the River Godavari is yet another place that offers boat rides on the river and also has a small play area for children.

Wild Adventures

Wild Adventures:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Offbeat adventure experiences are offered in and around Nashik. Igatpuri has camping sites near the river front where you can indulge in water sports like swimming, river rafting and kayaking or star gazing over a camp fire. There are opportunities for valley crossing, rappelling, parasailing and paragliding, too. Try your hand at Zorbing, parasailing, paragliding and water rappelling at Bandardara and Vihigaon and rock climbing at Anjaneri, Pandavleni and Ramshej.


Hatti Adventure Theme Park at the foothills of the Dhodap Fort is run by the forest department and apart from marching up the hill to the Dhodap Fort you can indulge in a number of adventure sports that the theme park offers.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Trekking is one of the most sought after thing to do in Nashik. There are a plethora of lush forested hills dotted around the region and most of them have ancient ruined hill top forts on them. Some of Nashik’s most beautiful trekking delights are Ramshej Fort Trek (14 km), Brahmagiri (25 km) Dhodap Fort (75 km) that is the third highest peak of Maharashtra or Anjaneri hills (30 km), the birthplace of Hanuman.


Trekking is usually done in groups and while some trekking trails like that to the Pandavleni Caves are easy, some treks like the Dhodap Fort Trek are moderate, with rocky stone steps or boulders to clamber across. Wear sensible trekking shoes and carry water bottles and light refreshments before a climb.

Vineyard Visit

Vineyard Visit:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Nashik is known for its succulent and luscious grapes. Needless to say you would find a number of grape orchards and vineyards in Nashik. Take a tour among the vineyards of Nashik for it’s amazing to watch the bunches of grapes on the vines as well as to take an informative trip around the breweries to see how wine’s being processed.


Most of the vineyards are set in a beautiful ambience, overlooking the vast open spaces and mountains at the back drop and with restaurants to boot, where you could have a bite after a tour.

Water Falls

Water Falls:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Nothing is as astounding as the stillness of the mountains or forests broken by the sound of a cascade tumbling down the heights. If you love waterfalls, grab your camera and get off to watch the waterfalls of Nashik. Vihigaon or Ashoka waterfalls near Kasara Ghat that has a pool at the bottom where you could stand under the cascade and Dudhsagar or Someshwar waterfalls, a gushing cascade formed by the River Godavari are such idyllic places for a day out with family.


If you would love to catch a glorious tumultuous waterfall amid lush greenery that looks utmost romantic in monsoons, check out the Dabhosa waterfall (93 km) that forms atop the Lendi River and is one of the highest waterfalls of Maharashtra.


Museums:  Things To Do In Nashik
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It’s always interesting to know the history, traditions and cultures of any region and what best way to learn about the area you are visiting than a trip to a museum. Nashik has an impressive collection of museums that are a must visit.


The Coin Museum (19 km) in the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies has ancient paintings, terracotta and bronze artefacts, dyes, moulds and coins on display. Kohum Museum opened especially for students of science and research has models of anatomy, reproductive biology and human evolution. Dada Saheb Phalke Smarak, is a fitting tribute to Dada Sahib Phalke, the renowned film maker. The memorial which is located on the foothills of Pandavleni caves, on the Mumbai Nashik Highway has an amphitheatre, a museum as well as a water park.

Hill town of Deolali

Hill town of Deolali:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Deolali Cantonment is a small hill town and health resort, nestled among the Sahyadri peaks between Igatpuri and Tryambak mountain ranges in Nashik region. Deolali has a charming landscape with ample greenery and a salubrious climate where one can visit temples and go off on picnics.


Deolali was the base for a British army camp, with a firing range used during British rule and where soldiers came to rejuvenate in the military’s medical psychiatric camp. The British slang Doolally, might have well got its origins from the medical camps at Deolali. Check out the School of Artillery army camps, markets where you could go shopping, vineyards and fields of marigolds.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden:  Things To Do In Nashik
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Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan or simply the Butterfly Garden extends about 90 hectares at the foothills of the Pandavleni. It is a study centre that would also interest tourists, for it has a sound and light show called Katha, said to be Asia's first laser show that stresses the significance on nature conservation and is so interesting to watch. The simulation of fauna with life sized models is sure to charm the kids.


The Butterfly Garden that welcomes visitors with a butterfly gate is a much sought after tourist destination and gets pretty crowded on weekends. With the backdrop of the hills and vast open spaces, the Butterfly garden makes for a perfect way to spend a day.

Weekend Trips

Weekend Trips:  Things To Do In Nashik
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There are significant tourist places not very far away from Nashik. You could drive or hop onto a bus to get to these places for the weekend. Shirdi or Sainagar (87 km) which has the mandir for Sai Baba of Shirdi is a very renowned and much sought after pilgrim centre.


You could also travel to Shani Shingnapur (144 km) which is yet another popular temple for God Shani or Saturn. What is unique about the town is that none of the houses are barred with doors or locks and keys with the belief that Shani Bhagwan protects the town from thieves.

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