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Nashik Weather And Best Time To Visit Nashik

Planning A Trip To Nashik? Here's a snapshot of Nashik weather and the best time to visit Nashik

Nashik is a historically vibrant city that is snuggled at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain ranges and at the banks of the river Godavari. There are several tourist places, pilgrimage centres and pleasing landscapes in Nashik that attracts people all through the year. If you can choose a season that is agreeable and hassle free, you can enjoy a trip to the city of Nashik that has hills to be trekked up, charming photographic locations, dams that are inviting for a day’s break and festivals that are seasonal. Relish summer’s crop of fresh tomatoes and the luscious grapes of winter.


Nashik has a tropical climate with hot summers, moderate monsoons and pleasant winters. The most ideal time to visit Nashik would probably be the winters when you can explore the town, go on a historical or pilgrim’s tour or indulge in adventure tourism with incredible weather.

Summer (April - June)

Summer (April - June):  Nashik Weather And Best Time To Visit Nashik
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Summer months begin in April and last through May and June to a hot dry climate that does not sound inviting for tourism and travel across the region, for the temperature might average about 41 °C. The days are considerably hot, though the months of March to about mid April. This is the transitional period from cool winters to hot summers, and might be a tad more pleasant than the month of May.


If you do travel to Nashik in summer there are significant festivals you can look forward to like Ram Navami and the Rath Yatra that includes a beautiful procession through the streets of Nashik for Ram Rath and Garud Rath.


When in Nashik for summer, keep yourself hydrated with water and creamy malai milk.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Nashik Weather And Best Time To Visit Nashik
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Nashik has moderate to heavy rainfall that does help to bring down the heat of preceding summer quite considerably. But heavy rains might hamper tourist plans, especially if you are planning a long sightseeing trip.


The region turns lush and radiant with the rains and if you do arrive at Nashik in spite of the rains, you can visit the waterfalls or follow a trekking trail on clear days. You can go for a long scenic drive, spend a day at the dams or visit the picturesque Anjaneri Hills or hill top forts. Keep a raincoat or umbrella handy.

Winter (October - March)

Winter (October - March):  Nashik Weather And Best Time To Visit Nashik
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Winter is the most ideal time to visit Nashik for the days are pleasant and cool and you can tour the region and spend more time outdoors than the rest of the year. Nights are characterised by a chill weather that calls for warm woollens and shawls. The days are slightly warm nevertheless and you can indulge in adventure tourism, go hiking up the hills, exploring the open, lush countryside or the caves of which there are aplenty in Nashik. Check out the grape farms where the fruits are harvested for winter.


If you are a wine aficionado, Nashik’s vineyard trips are bound to interest you. But as winter is peak season, the city might get a lot of footfall and you might want to book accommodations in advance.

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