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Alibagh Weather And Best Time To Visit Alibagh

Planning A Trip To Alibagh? Here's a snapshot of Alibagh weather and the best time to visit Alibagh

Being a coastal holiday town, bordered by beautiful beaches and with a plethora of places to visit, the sleepy little town of Alibagh is a charming place to visit any time of the year. The quiet seashores, a peaceful getaway for those who love a tryst with nature and solitude and the towns close by that can be explored are some of the best things that Alibagh has to offer.


Alibagh experiences warm weather throughout the year, irrespective of the seasons. Monsoons are rainy times of the year, while summers are hot, yet clear and bright. The best times of the year that you could choose to visit Alibagh are winters, followed by summers.

Summer ( March - June )

Summer ( March - June ):  Alibagh Weather And Best Time To Visit Alibagh
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Alibagh’s summers from the month of March lasts till June when the days are warm and humid and not very hot. Early mornings and sun sets are ideal times of the day to spend at the beaches. Tourists might love the option of going off on long summer treks early in the mornings, when the weather is just warm and the birds are up and chirping.


Summers are mango seasons in Alibagh and who would mind a humid weather, if you could sink your teeth into a luscious Alphonso mango? You could indulge in water sports like kayaking, jet skiing and scuba diving in Alibagh’s seas during summer. Alibagh in summer is an ideal vacation tourist spot.

Monsoon ( July - September )

Monsoon ( July - September ):  Alibagh Weather And Best Time To Visit Alibagh
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South west monsoon showers rain in from the month of July. The coastal region receives heavy to very heavy rainfall with thundershowers. The regions do get lush and verdant during the monsoon months, but travel and sightseeing might get upset. The ten day Ganesh Chaturthi festival paints the town bright and vibrant with bhajans and day long pujas at the Ganesh temples around town.


Waterlogged roads and traffic snarls in the cities and towns enroute Alibagh could also hinder travel plans. Ferry services from Mumbai to Alibagh would be postponed as well. Monsoon is not a peak season for travel to the Western coastal towns. Keep raincoats and umbrellas handy.

Winter ( October - February )

Winter ( October - February ):  Alibagh Weather And Best Time To Visit Alibagh
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Winter months that begin in November and last till February are cool, with occasionally pleasant sunny days. These are the months that are ideal for sightseeing and exploring the seaside town and relaxing by the beaches. Winters are great times to spend the evening by the seashore gazing at the stars or swapping stories by a campfire. Winter is the right time to watch the birds along the Akshi beaches.


Since winters are peak tourist seasons, you might find more tourists over the place. You had better book accommodations in advance, if you are planning to stay in for the holidays. If you are visiting Alibagh during the winters, time your visit in tune to the Nariyal Paani Music Festival held in January.

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