Tadoba Tiger Reserve
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Tadoba Tiger Reserve Weather And Best Time To Visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Planning A Trip To Tadoba Tiger Reserve? Here's a snapshot of Tadoba Tiger Reserve weather and the best time to visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Tiger Reserve beckons to tourists who love the natural world and the denizens of the wild dense forests. Every season in Tadoba Tiger Reserve promises a new experience, for there are seasons to watch the tigers, or go bird watching or just enjoy the lush green landscape of the rains.


Every season, be it summer, monsoon or winter has its own charms and you could choose the season that would preferably fit your choice of a holiday trip to Tadoba Tiger Reserve. The best season then for an unhindered trip to the Tiger Reserve would be in winter. But read on to know why the rest of the seasons have good weather too!

Summer ( March - May )

Summer ( March - May ):  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Weather And Best Time To Visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve
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These are the months when you might be able to spot the tigers out on their prowl. Tigers do venture out in the other seasons as well, but summers do find more chances of spotting a tiger. More animals and birds emerge out into the sunshine and you might find more of them near the waterholes.


Summers especially April and May are the hottest months, when it’s dry and humid, but the skies are clear and watching the animals is a lot more fun. The Telia Lake, a favorite watering hole for the larger carnivores attracts safari vehicles driving up, just to watch the big cats. Summers are quite hot so you might as well carry water bottles.

Monsoon ( June - October )

Monsoon ( June - October ):  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Weather And Best Time To Visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve
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Monsoon rains though with an average to heavy rainfall, begins in the month of June and continues to the post monsoon period till November. The rains turn the forest lush and verdant and its one of the best times of the year to spot birds and smaller mammals.


The region does turn absolutely photographic what with the small creatures of the forest darting around the forest paths and the multitude of wild flowers blossoming through the undergrowth. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is one among the few Parks that is open for tourism during the monsoon months. Travel and exploring the region might be a tad difficult for the land turns slushy and wet. You can visit the Reserve if you would not mind the rains.

Winter ( November - February )

Winter ( November - February ):  Tadoba Tiger Reserve Weather And Best Time To Visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve
Photograph by visittnt.com

Winter promises a beautiful season when you can explore the forest, photographing the wild animals and reveling in the natural pleasant wintry weather. Winters are peak tourist season and if you are planning to visit Tadoba, you might have to book accommodation and safari in advance.


There are ample wetlands, marshes and lakes where you could find a variety of endemic and migratory birds. Avid bird watchers visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve between the months of December and February. Winter mornings are chill and you might need sufficient winter wear for your safaris. The lush greenery, unhindered by rains, is one of the prime attractions that make winter a good time to visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

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